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    Dialog VW8.5

    Hello everybody, I have a problem with the class TDialog with the SDK for VW8.5. I can display a window, handle the events, ... but the problem is after. When the user presses "OK" or "Cancel", I launch a software, but this software doesn't come in the foreground. Whereas if I call the function "GS_Confirm", everything works fine. So, if I do :- display the dialog.- launch the external software.--> The software stays in the background. But if I do :- display the dialog.- display a dialog with "GS_Confirm".- launch the external software.--> Everything works fine. So, my question is :What does "GS_Confirm" do that I have to do to release the Window properly ? Thank you. Yannick Namia
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    Hi, I'm working with the SDK for VW 8.5 on both Mac and Windows. I have no problem to change the menu command name on the Mac, but I can't do it on Windows. I tried with a flatenned file in the plug-in folder, it doesn't work. On the Mac, I can edit the MITM resource in the resource file, but I have no idea about how to do it on Windows. Obviously, when you copy the file from Mac to Win, it becomes a flattened file !!! Could you please help me ? Cheers. Yannick.


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