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  1. I have 9.01 installed...I have been using it with excellent success since August! Dave H.
  2. Sorry, forgot a few system details: OS 9.2Carbon Lib 1.4 Thanks again, Dave H.
  3. I was able to down load the files no problem (cable modem); however, when the program went to "check hard drive" just prior to installing 738 items, it just sat there and spun my drive and basically did nothing else. after about 45min. I tried a "forced quit" and the computer appeared to be locked. This excercise was performed two more times before writing this post. On a good note, the second time I went to Install using the "Vise installer" the program knew that the files had already been down loaded, it when right into the install mode (first step being...checking my hard drive; ie: locking up?) Please help. I am on the verge of installing OSX and I would like to try the carbon version (9.5.0) first. G4 cube20G H.D. (10G available) Thanks Dave Harper
  4. I will look into the Adobe software, thanks for the tip. One thing that I have discovered; Adobe Distiller is a PC not a MAC program. I am not sure which Adobe package would be appropriate. I believe Adobe Acrobat? I will let the "message board" know what I find out. To me, this will be the easiest way to plot my drawings at Kinko's and it will allow the Architect that I am working with to easily plot out at her office. Anyone else on this board operate in this manner? Dave H.
  5. Is there a way to create a ".pdf" file for a vector works 9 drawing. My goal is to email "pdf" files to clients for them to print out on their PC/plotters while keeping my line weights and fonts in tact. Thanks, Dave H.
  6. I figured the problem out. My printer was set to the proper line weights; however, the page setup selection indicated 72 dpi. When I selected 360 dpi everything plotted fine. Vector Works back to it's usual good self... Sorry about the alarm. Dave H.
  7. Sorry about leaving off information: My PC: MAC G4 Cube with 17" CRT MAC OS 9.1 128 MB Ram Preferred size of memory alocation set to: 39062 Vector works version 9.0.1 (just received/installed the upgrade yesterday) My Printer: Epson Stylus 1270 The printer line weights worked fine in Vector Works version 9.0.0, except the arrow heads. I tried 360dpi and 720 (with printer set to fine detail). The boxes come out just right. The single line is what prints too thick? I'll keep trying various printer setting combinations. Dave H.
  8. I got the 9.0.1 update. Good news: The new features added are nice! Especially the extra choices for displaying classes. Oh yes, and the arrow heads don't shift. Problems: Line weights below 20 mils all plot at the same thickness; however, when the same line thickness is used to draw a box then they print at the proper thickness. HELP!
  9. Any word on whether this arrowhead bug problem has been corrected?
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