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  1. Jacob Greene

    Polygons Not Rendering

    Thank you so much.
  2. Jacob Greene

    Polygons Not Rendering

    From what I can tell, the objects are solids and still I'm having no luck. I've attached the file in hopes that someone can help me solve this issue. -Jake
  3. Jacob Greene

    Polygons Not Rendering

    I'm having an issue with Vectorworks 2011. In spotlight I'm custom modeling some truss. The cylindrical parts of the object are rendering as expected, but extruded rectangles will only show up as sketches. Has anyone had this problem or know how to help? -Jake
  4. Jacob Greene

    TomCat Truss 3D Symbols?

    Does anyone have any or know of any 3D symbols for TOMCAT truss? It would be a huge time/money saver if I could get my hands on them. Thanks, Jake.


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