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  1. Hi Everybody, 


    I am trying using vs.EncryptPlugin() for encryption menu command with imported external _main.py file in it but VW 2019 says 'setting file can not be read:'


    What does this errors means?

    Encryption works in Plugin Menu  if I add xml file but vs.EncryptPlugin() still has error. 


    What does vs.EncryptPlugin() and vs.EncryptAllPlugin() do?


    I have BatchEncryption.vlb from SDK


    2019-10-29 09_25_40-Window.png

  2. Hi, 


    I can not record video using DMX Camera. I have got still shoot from one side. DMX camera is being record and play by DMX recorder properly and works well in preview window. If I try render video by build command I get only one camera, no movement and no camera changing. 


    Can Vision 2019 rendering DMX Camera? 


    This is a demo recorded by OBS Studio from Live view. I would like to do this directly in Vision without editing. Otherwise, recording screen cause low FPS and quality is poor. 




    Next case, camera movement and rotation speed controlled by DMX has high sensitivity. In my opinion speed should be divided by 10 or even 100 for natural control.


    This is my first time with dmx camera and video. Does anyone has any advice for this?


  3. On 5/19/2019 at 6:52 PM, Robert Janiak said:

    I have problem with sACN. Some universes do not works. Problem is strange. The same universe changed to ArtNet does works.

    It was accidentally problem. I can not reply again. I think, ethernet configuration was wrong. 

  4. @Sebastiaan You are right. I love VW too. This is the versalite software. Always when I get nervous, it turns out that I forgot something or do not know something 😉 Thanks the forum for help me better understanding of the software. 


    For resolve my problem I have just prepared Python script. It changes All Lighting Devices to Group with corrected rotation. I like automatization. Is there somebody who can tell me if is done correctly? For me works, but I do not know if it is maked according to programming art.


    import vs
    def ConvertToGroup(h):
    	x,y,z = vs.GetSymLoc3D(h)
    	x_rot = vs.GetRField(h,'Lighting Device','xRot')
    	y_rot = vs.GetRField(h,'Lighting Device','yRot')
    	z_rot = vs.GetRField(h,'Lighting Device','zRot')
    	prev_object = vs.PrevObj(h)
    	vs.SymbolToGroup(h, 1)
    	h_group = vs.NextObj(prev_object)
    	vs.Set3DRot(h_group, x_rot, y_rot, z_rot, x, y, z)
    vs.ForEachObject(ConvertToGroup, "PON='Lighting Device'")


    Zrzut ekranu (89).png

    Zrzut ekranu (90).png

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  5. Hi, 


    I have problem with export my project to DWG. All my Lighting Devices hunging down in DWG file even if they are rotated at -180 in X direction.


    How can I export to DWG with correct rotation?


    Convert to group and DLVP do not works 😉



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