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  1. rita

    won't render

    Thanks, I can't find how to link layers, how do u link them?
  2. rita

    won't render

    In model setup I have selected 2 floors and 0 basements ,the layers of mod- foundation,mod slab-1,mod-floor-1,mod-slab-2,mod floor 2,mod-roof are created when giving heights in next step.I have created each floor in the appropriate layer using wall tool and the foundation/slab by extruding a solid because of this it only ables one layer to render while the rest is in wireframe.makes it difficult to understand the creation as a whole. I assumed there would be a way to render all layers? It also creates difficulties when creating a sectional perspective to render all layers. Thanks
  3. rita

    won't render

    I have set up my model to have a different design layer for each floor, when i render although only the floor that i am on renders. how can i render all layers so i am able to see the building as a whole? Thanks Rita Schooley


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