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  1. Thanks again Julian if you're watching! and have you thought of marketing to us Yanks? I use some of those color sources. Bill
  2. Well first I bought windoor from OzCad, and it was great... and I see that they now have "select custom color"... and I'm wondering why the people in Australia are so fortunate... to have these handy tools. Wishing and hoping... Bill
  3. I received an inquiry about "solid fill" ummm... its the color fill that can be added to a geometric form - rectangle.. I've used it to show in 2d plan the French Doors and Windows as if it were a section cut through the side sashes (as a poche) usually the same color as that used for the studs in a wall. And a solid white for the sills/threshold.
  4. I've just purchased the ozcad windoor, and while it is great for a lot of things, it still comes up short. I'd still like to have the solid fill for door/window jambs and sash as is available with the simple "window" plug in, and the option of wall cavity returns. someone worked it out for windows, why not for doors? Bill
  5. Oh! and I thought I was the only one who didn't understand this tool... I get the migrane after the second line input... Bill
  6. I agree it would be very user friendly to be able to input meets and bounds like we are used to reading them.
  7. I miss the condoc feature. Especially after spending a few days loading pages and pages of notes into it, just in time to have it dissapear.... hmmm....I'm having problems with the keynotes. Specifically associating a number with a specific note. Is this possible? Bill
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