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  1. Hi guys, i am new here and about to make some personal comparisons between a program i am familiar with (chief architect) and a program i am not so familiar with (vectorworks architect). I have downloaded the trial version of vectorworks architect, but not installed it yet. i wanting to make the most of the limited time i have available to try it out. in chief there are a number of websites that have been set up by users devoted to teaching others about the software. most of these online videos are freely available and they cover almost the entire capabilities of chief from the simple to very complex. are there any vectorworks user websites that provide the same information and training? (I would then be able to make best use of my trial time by following the videos)
  2. i noticed,last year when i looked at vectorworks architect, creating a building from scratch did seem somewhat cumbersome when compared with Chief. having said that, i can also add that one particularly annoying aspect of building design using chief lies in its automation. for example; if you are constructing a multi level building and wish to add addtional floors, chief uses a default settings for the new floor (structure,floor and ceiling height etc). unfortunately,not all new floors have exactly the same defaults...for example; a carpark in lower ground may have different ceiling height to the floor above, and additional floors may have different floor structure thicknesses. in chief, this creates enormous headaches. it bloodywell keeps changing floor, floor structure and ceiling heights on the floors you have already created whenever you insert new inner walls that create additional rooms on a given floor, or insert new floors underneath existing ones. this can completely stuff up all the ffls of upper floors and to fix it is a complete nightmare. i have spent many an hour cursing the designers of chief because of this incredibly annoying quirk. there should be a way of going into the individual floors and locking all that particular floors properties so that no matter what you do above or beneath, nothing changes within the envelope of the existing floors you have already built. also, any new rooms created on existing floors should default to the properties already set for that floor and not some random bloody default the programmers built into the software! imagine the following... existing ceiling height = 2400mm upper floor structure thickness = 240mm floor surface = 25mm you decide to add an additional room to the existing floor by creating another partition wall. as soon as you close in the room chief sets the above properties on the new room as follows: ceiling height 2850mm upper floor structure = 300mm floor covering thickness = 18mm can you imagine how that affects floors above and below? and what if your floor surface is not 18mm thick on all other existing floors you have already drawn? does vectorworks architect have this problem on multi storey buildings when new floors are inserted between existing floors?
  3. you definately got them two around the wrong way. a gable is flat end the hip is...well as the word says...a hip!
  4. Hi guys, im new here and have been contemplating which program to use for a while, chief architect or vectorworks architect? i dont currently have the trial vectorworks architect software (although i did look at it last year). i used to use vectorworks years ago when i was teaching high school design and technology and found it a great program however im not sure about its architectural program. any input on advantages and disadvantage on program compared with chief?
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