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  1. BushyRS

    won't render

    Hi I had this problem too, you need to go to the navigation palette, and chose view all layers not tray out layers
  2. So as a recommendation what are those add ons?
  3. BushyRS

    bay windows

    Thank you, thats what i thought an add on Which other add ons do you recommend whilst i have my wallet out?
  4. how does this help? The door is up the wall 225mm so there is a step, not sure how to do this?
  5. BushyRS

    bay windows

    if i have a bay window with one centre window and two returns, i need to form a window with corners at both ends, but i can only get this to work one end. Any help would be appreciated Bushy [img:left]http://www.diaryofarenovation.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/6.-Bay-Window.jpg[/img]
  6. Hi If i am trying to draw an existing victorian type house the windows have an exposed lintel with square ends running into the brickwork, i cannot seem to do this on the normal window, just mitred over hangs? Anyone got any ideas? Or is it a case fo drawing the lintel in afterwards? [img:right]http://www.freeimageslive.co.uk/files/images006/grille_straight_9067.jpg[/img]
  7. Hi Is it possible to set the door to have say 150mm layer fo wall before the threshold? I have a wall where the ground falls away and a couple of doors are then "up" the wall as it were, or do i draw then just move? Bushy
  8. BushyRS

    Apple OS X Lion

    Hold that thought, now that i have a reasonable sized project on the go it keeps hanging or complaining on insufficient memory, driving me nuts Trying to edit a door type and it has locked up more times than i am happy to mention. If i go for a roof, it just shuts VW down, nightmare
  9. BushyRS

    Apple OS X Lion

    I am new to Vectorworks but it is running well on my iMac lion machine, no problems, well except i can't use VW very well. Yet!


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