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  1. when I print or preview all I get is a ghost image that is so faint that it can not be seen? Have changed all resolutions. And ran out of ideas.
  2. Thanks for ever ones reply. Your replies opened the door that I have not been able to see through. Thanks So Much! ------------------
  3. Thanks Caleb. Your reply really helps. Some how the idea of controlling the visibility in "layers" was never clear how I could use it to my benefit. It seemed to be nothing another name for layers. It is much clearer now. Thank you! ------------------
  4. Thank goodness they offer Tech Support. I returned a competitor program just because you had to pay for the support. It was a cheaper program, but after you pay for their support I could have bought autocad. Please don't stop the support for new customers.
  5. A really good description on the philosophy behind classes and layers. How to use classes and why you have organized the program this way. A description on what should be a class and why it is different. Your description in "Architect" has helped, but I still can figure out what it really does for me. Since I do not do architectural work and will not use assistant I am just not using classes at all. I think that I am really missing out on something good, but I don't know what it is. I can't get by what classes "does" (not is) for you. Your description in the manual is leaving something unclear for me. I may be the only one missing the point, but this is the hardest concept in all my software for me to completely understand. ------------------
  6. I am having a terrible time understanding the philosophy using classes and layers. I understand the descriptions in the manual, can not figure out how to use these things together. The description in "Architecture" is some help, but not enough. I am an inventor and want to us VW to do product design. I do not want to know what classes and layers are, I want to know how to use them the way they are meant to be used. I don't know what the classes really do for you. ------------------
  7. Thanks Andrew, took me quite a while to figure out how to correctly move the 0,0. But, it works great. I chose edit group, profile. Then doubled clicked the ruler and selected center on object center. Then moved the object to set the location of the desired point on the object to the new 0,0 coordinates, then exit group will move the profile around the path at the desired point.
  8. The profile is extruded as a vertical section that has been laid to the right on its side. Arrange your profile with the bottom of the section to the left. If you are extruding around a square, put the out side of the section facing down and the bottom to the left. Works for me.
  9. extruded paths extrude around the path at the center point of the profile. Can Vectorworks extruded at a different spot on the profile object other then the center. If so, How and where is it in the manual?
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