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  1. thanks! I'm having some joy now having exported from Rhino as OBJ Mesh.
  2. I've got a marionette workflow that uses vs.IntersectSolid to identify points within a solid object. It works totally fine with a solid made in vectorworks. In order to get a better shape, I got it made in Rhino. When I import the Rhino file (3DM, IGS, STP, X_T), the imported solid is hollow, i.e. when i do a solid subtract you can see right into the inside of the object. This means that it seems to only be the skin layer of the object that is imported. This makes the vs.IntersectSolid function non-functional because it only intersects with the edge and not the interior. Can anyone help with how to fix this? I've tried Stitch & Trim, but it only works with the IGES file where the surfaces are imported as individual NURBS, however the solid created is still hollow. Is there any way to tell if there is a hole somewhere in the object that is preventing it from being a solid? It's showing as solid in Rhino with no holes. This is IGS version with simplified surfaces, removed the NURBS to see if that made a difference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/onheezc3b5lv2vs/Triangulated_Volume.igs?dl=0 Attached are a couple of versions of the Rhino file. Thanks in advance! Paul Trimmed_Volume_v2a_RB.3dm Rhino_4.3dm
  3. Pat, you're a legend. #2 totally worked. I simplified DomC's SolidIntersectList and added some bits to get the points. (file is vw2021) 3D point intersect.vwx
  4. Is there any way of calculating if a 3D point is inside a 3D shape? In the same way that vs.PtinPoly() works in 2D? Thanks! Paul
  5. have you tried it with a file made on a dodgy version of VW2008? VW2011 pops up the "illegal file" web page, but the file does not actually open
  6. anyone else having problems opening VW12 or VW2008 files in VW2011 SP5? it goes to the "older version" dialog box then doesn't actually open the file I'm running: VW2011 Spotlight w/renderworks Mac OSX 10.6.8
  7. update... ok there was a conflict with a 2D circle I had in the 3D part of this symbol (on the yoke) converted the circle to 3d poly and it fixed itself
  8. Hi, I've created a new fixture for the Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500, however, when I insert it into my document it shows the container of the label (circle) at the front of the light. The label text is still in the right place at the back of the light. This didn't happen when I created the Sharpy fixture. It has happened before, but I can't work out why. Any help? thanks Paul
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