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  1. Hi Jim, This is sort of working now but it is far from smooth. I still have to move the cursor to the window screen edge and stop right before the edge of the window and then proceed past and the window will scroll. If I just try and draw a line or measure something for example and take my cursor immediately past the edge of the window, the window will not scroll. Do you experience this as I've described it or is it nice and smooth without having to stop at the window edge and kind of give the window a push with the cursor? Oh, and it is range exact same when dragging an object. I feel it is still broken! BTW, I just opened v2018 and the scrolling is immediate without any need to pause at window edge.
  2. So, service Pack 3 has been released and I see that the window extents STILL do not move when a line or cursor comes up to the edge of the drawing window. This is a MAJOR issue and this should have been resolved by now. I am running the latest MacOS (Mojave). Yeah, if you wiggle the cursor just right at just the right place, one MIGHT get the window to scroll along.... Note this is about working within the drawing window, not using scroll bars. Can someone advise when this will be fixed? Cheers, BW
  3. UPDATE: Ater restoring my 10.11 El Capitan via TimeMachine back to Yosemite, where everything worked fine, I then re-installed El Capitan from Yosemite with the new 10.11.1 update. After what took hours, the update did a much cleaner installation of El Capitan. For example, on my previous attempt with 10.11, the finder window sidebar customizations were gone. With this install, the sidebar customizations from Yosemite were carried through to El Capitan. I'm pleased to report that VW 2016 now will launch. YAY! So, this does look like the problems were Apple's doings and VW as well as Microsoft were victims.... No pretending about it. It has affected perhaps 15% of our (US) Mac user base and thats about 5-8% of total (US) users, so its relatively rare. His reply was entirely accurate and wasn't a line of any kind. The reason you receive this reply from tech support is because it is pretty much guaranteed to work if the issue is with the software itself. I've had a few early reports that user accounts that were not functioning under 10.11.0 have now resumed functioning on 10.11.1, but this has not been confirmed internally yet. I was not able to replicate the issue personally on my Macs here or I would confirm it myself.
  4. Just a few days ago after updating to SP1, I installed El Capitan. VW 20016 SP1 & 2015 crash upon attempted open. I can launch VW2016 in a clean relatively new User. Unfortunately, operating VW in a new, clean user is not an option for my workflow. Accordingly, I am about to downgrade my IOS to Yosemite via a Time Machine BU. I'll wait till Apple or some one states that this issue has been resolved before I go back to El Capitan. BTW, there is no mention of this problem on the upgrade/issues web site. Please warn people of this potential big problem. Yesterday I had a long Chat with Juan Almansa, Director of Tech Support. He pretended that this problem is very rare and that users should get in the habit of periodically creating a new clean user and doing a clean os install. To me, this is the typical tech line that I've received from techs for umpteen years. I find these solutions not a solution but a huge chase down a rabbit hole of time. Time to identify and back up to a different location resources like fonts, printers, and then there's all the serial numbers and defaults to other apps that get ripped, etc.... So, supposedly this is an Apple created problem vs a VW issue. Hopefully, there will be a fix by someone soon!!!
  5. I am a US user and when I check for updates "Currently Up To Date" Currently using 2012 SP1 (Build149062). I guess I can't trust CHECK FOR UPDATES.
  6. Matt, I think that essentially you wish to nest a symbol within a symbol and have the nested symbol contain the linked record fields. I don't think this will work. I quickly tried it and had no success being able to edit the fields associated with the nested symbol. Ben
  7. I have a sheet with numerous viewport elevations. Within individual viewport annotations I've placed a symbol named 'Sheetrock 4x8'. I wish to count all instances of this symbol in the drawing. It would be nice to limit the criteria to this sheet however for this application it's not necessary. I have created a spreadsheet, currently residing on this sheet with a simple formula that is producing an erroneous result. The formula is =COUNT(S='Sheetrock 4x8') The help file states that the count function will count all of the matching criteria in a drawing. It does not state any qualifiers re not working in annotations. On this sheet in question, I have 17 instances of the symbol but the result of the formula is 8. Any advice would me most appreciated. Thanks, Ben [Working in VW2012 (Mac)]
  8. Akoudlai, could you elaborate on the split tool? Are you suggesting somehow splitting a 3d section view? How would I do that? Thanks.
  9. bcd, & Benson, Thank you for your suggestion. I am familiar with the 3d section tool and it works fine to create a basic elevation. I think I need to look closer into the newly created Section Style class. What then becomes difficult for me is if I wish to edit the section viewport, I'm thrown back to the design layer (which makes sense) except I'm back to viewing all information in the current view (objects behind as well as objects in front of) the view that I may wish to edit. I guess the only way to do that is to create a group of the wall or area in question and then to do my editing within the group (with viewing other objects turned off). A concern that I have with this method, if it still operates as it used to, is that when grouping objects objects take on the class of the group and lose their previous class designation. I guess I should play with this again, however I recall that used to be an issue with older versions.
  10. Thank you for the response. I went back to some older versions of VW that I have and it's the same functionality (or lack there of). VW 11, VW12, VW 2008. This seems like a major flaw in the software. Why even be able to select Orthogonal if you end up getting all of this extraneous (wrong) information. What really bugs me is the idea that every year we are supposed to pay for a new version of the software with more and better features and yet very basic features are ignored.
  11. Help please! I am trying to develop some orthogonal views. I've tried the RW camera tool & the Set 3D View tool. I get the foreground objects in the views when selecting 'orthogonal'. Perspective seems to work correctly. Oh, and when I say foreground objects, I'm referring to objects that would actually be behind the point of view. IE I'm in a room with a door behind me and windows ahead of me. If I create a view looking at the window wall I see the door wall in orthogonal view but not in a perspective view. I just want to see the window wall in an orthogonal view. I am using VW 2009. Maybe this has been changed in 2010, 2011, or in 2012??? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. In this case, I'm working on a small kitchen. Is there a way to view a wall in an orthographic projection view while there are other walls and or cabinets in the foreground with out seeing the other foreground walls, elements, etc.? I know that I could assign some class and hide the class, but that seems very clunky as what would be hidden in one view would need to be visible in another view. There's got to be an easy way of doing this. Another example of this issue would be to create a camera view that is obstructed by a series of walls, cabinets, etc.? Any advice would be most appreciated.
  13. As Leopard is due to be released publicly next Friday. 10/26/2007, can Nemetschek release a compatibility statement? Has it been tested, are there any known problems, or reasons not to install Leopard? Thank you.
  14. BRUCE, Thank you for your reply. I've tried sending you the file in it's native format and I received an e-mail back UNDELIVERABLE. I'm thinking some spam filter or? So I've tried re-sending the file zipped. Hopefully this will go thru. Ben
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