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  1. Hello all, I know I saw this topic somewhere on either the forum or the mailing lists, but I cannot remember where so I apologize for the duplication. Last week when I installed v2008, I tried to render in final quality renderworks a fairly large file, 48 mb, and got an error like, "Operation could not be completed due to lack of memory". At that point I only had 1gb of ram, so I went out and upgraded to 2gb. I reran the render and got the same message! Now I know the computer is recognizing the extra ram. I have not been able to update to SP1 as I have the academic version. A couple of questions: 1. Why is this happening? 2. Is this a bug that sp1 will fix? 3. When will sp1 be available for E series users? Thanks in advance, Pat
  2. Ok...I think I figured it out. After moving the units / twofers, I then selected *just* the twofer object and clicked the "Update Insts" which fixed things. Is there any reason why still the twofer doesn't travel with the untis? Thanks, ps...just to be clear...I'm pretty much in crazy town all of the time!
  3. Heeelllloooo.... I feel like I'm in crazy town here! Am I the only person using the twofer / ganging tool? and then am I the only person having this problem!? Kevin? Katie? Thanks!
  4. Kevin...can I send you my plot file so you can look at this? Do you think this is just me or a bug...this has been going on since at least the beginning of v12! Thanks,
  5. I had the same problem and unchecking the GDI thing seemed to work but am I just imagining things or does it print slower now. It sounds like GDI is a useful thing to *have* checked. Is this a bug? Thanks, Pat
  6. Just tried Modify > Refresh Instruments. No go! Pat v2008
  7. You're right!! Thanks David! Pat
  8. I just tested the two-fer tool. I inserted two units into the plot and applied the two-fer tool to them. I then selected both units and the two-fer, moved both, and the two-fer line stayed...everything else moved. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks, Pat v2008 designer
  9. Just started playing with v2008...so far I REALLY like it! But I have a question that has been dogging me since v11. I have a lighting position object that I would like to assign a Z height to. When I adjust this in the OIP, it immeadiately resets back to a height of zero. I'd like to do this so when I insert a lighting unit it will automatically assume the Z height of the position...right?! Thanks, Pat
  10. When I render a cyc with colors or a "rear" projected image, I usually just create an image prop of the cyc or image and use that. I find that I have better control over the final outcome! HTH, Pat
  11. Thanks Kevin! I can't wait to give it a try! Pat
  12. Please Dear God (or Kevin!) Will VW / SL 2008 have editable worksheets that can be sorted by two columns? ...asking for a couple of versions now :-) Patrick Immel Scenic & Lighting Designer Northwest Missouri State University
  13. So what is actually fixed or added in 12.5.2? The web link only goes to a download page!
  14. Hello All, I have a nice image of a piece of marble that I'd like to use (jpg, 150dpi, 600x600pixels). I create a texture, filtered image, and apply it to an extrude with fill set to solid. The extrude is textured, but with hundreds of tiny squares of my image texture. If I resize it up, then it just makes bigger squares and loses some of the detail. Is there a way to setup an image that makes a better texture? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks,
  15. Matt, The position summary is sort of a mess. I've been wrestling with it for years. No real way to edit how and where the text sits within the box. Some times they look good other times like cr*p! Maybe this will be fixed in v13 along with editable worksheets that sort by two columns! Sorry! Pat
  16. No problem Andy, When you find the file with the units you want...see my last response...double click the file, it opens in VW and is automatically placed in the Resource browser. In the RB, there is a dropdown box "Files and Folders"..click the down arrow and scroll up to "Open files"...there you can select the file that has the units you want. If you use the particular lighting files often, search the help files for adding items to the RB favoriate! HTH, Pat
  17. Hey Andy! Welcome to the world of Spot light! Your questions are quite basic...no worries though as we have all had them. Remember that I'm on a windows machine but these should help! To find resources, I go to the folder where SL is installed and there should be a folder in that called "Libraries", then you should see a couple SL folders, one imperial, one metric...there you go! When you have your units in the resource browser, right click on whatever unit you want to use and select "Make Active"...or something like that. Then you have to use the instrument insertion tool to place the unit in your plot. If you don't use this tool, it won't have the spotlight data associated with it! Somebody correct me if I'm wrong! HTH, Pat
  18. I am using the Extruded Polygon tool to create the shape...see picture above. It is 1.5 " thick. 1/2" fillet and probably every possible combination of settings. I just sent in the fiel to tech support. Thanks, Pat
  19. Thanks Katie! I'll do that! Pat
  20. BC, I want to fillet the top surface to the side surfaces, then the bottom to the sides. The extrude is 1.5" and I was kinda hoping to do a 1/2" fillet. It looks like all of the junctions are clean! Thanks for the response! Pat
  21. Just checked and it is indeed closed (at least the "closed" check box is selected!).
  22. Hello All, I am trying to create a 3d fillet. I've created the object to fillet using the extruded polygon tool (see image) and cannot for the life of me get the 3d fillet to work. I am trying to round over the edges of this chair frame. I am pretty sure I've tried every combination of preference options and I keep on getting "Edge filleting failed" message. It shouldn't be this difficult. Pat
  23. Does anyone have a 2d/3d symbol for a Robe ColorSpot 250at? Thanks! Pat
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