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  1. Yes...3D snap would be a WONDERFUL addition!
  2. I'll add my AMEN to that! sheesh...selecting something when drawing a marquee is annoying! Pat
  3. Regarding truss conversion, there have been a couple of really good threads on the Vectorworks - Theatre mailing list. You should be able to search the archives and find something. Although it is not heavily used, it is a wonderful companion to this message board! HTH,
  4. Sorry Mike. This has been a burr in many people's saddles for a long time. It is a useful tool but it really needs to be cleaned up. I know I am not the only one to express displeasure with this. This problem has been happening at least since, (possibly before) v12. I'm not sure what to say other than let's keep our fingers crossed for the v2009 or v2008 SP3! Pat
  5. Thanks Michael! Those symbols will work great! Pat
  6. Hey Michael, Would you care to share!? Pat
  7. Hi Ray, Yes, in the simplest terms. In the live production world, nearly everything that moves onstage uses casters, either swivel or straight. Casters also have many different varieties of ways to "connect" to the object they are under, ie, plates, smooth pins, screw pins, etc. Hopefully this helps, Pat
  8. Hello All, I am just wondering if there is a Caster PIO anywhere in V2008? Importing caster files from other programs make HUGE file sizes! If there isn't a PIO, there should be! Thanks, Pat
  9. I was getting this same error message when rendering a model in v12.5, I upgraded to v2008 AND 2gb of ram about the same time and still received the error. I had to eventually start my model over. I am thinking it was a corrupted file! Sorry you are having problems, Pat
  10. Here you go Teresa! http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/fundamentals/2008/2008SP2.php
  11. No...your're not. There have been alot of dogs barking up this tree for a very long time! Position summary's are a pretty cool thing but graphically they are just a disaster. Some say that they work better in some scales more than others...they should work all the time. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...maybe in v14! Pat
  12. Hi Jane, What I do: 1. Create a 2d representation of the position pipe = loong rectangle. 2. Copy 2d object then "paste in place". 3. Select one of the objects, then extrude to make 3d. 4. Select both objects and control g "group" 5. Select ground and "Modify > Convert > Convert to light posiiton". That should do it! Hope this helps, Pat
  13. Hello all, I create custom title blocks for use with the border pio and many times I include a date. It would be *real* nice if there was a way to set this so the date auto-updated! Thanks,
  14. I use VW on a tablet pc. I don't really use the tablet *functions* with VW. I use the traditional mouse / touch pad to draw. The tablet really shines for me when I use "Corel Painter" to adjust or enhance my rendered models! HTH,
  15. Sorry you are having this problem ASL. What is the "file verification"? Ever since I started with v2008 I noticed that some files take a LONG time to open...I always just thought that VW or my machine locked up. Is there anything shown to let us know that a "verification" process is taking place?
  16. Ok...so I have a worksheet created! How do I sort by two columns? Also, for example, Part of the units for my FOH are at the top of the worksheet, and three units are way down at the bottom of the worksheet. How can I get them to list together? Thanks!
  17. Many thanks to Professor Shelley for the help. I unchecked the flipped text box then selected and refreshed labels...bingo! Not sure how / why it happened, but it's fixed! yippee! Pat
  18. Hello All, I had a plot that I created new in v2008...everything was going ok. I just started up this morning and I notice that many, if not all of my units have their label legends applied 180 degs backwards. If I rotate the unit, then the legend looks right. Here is a picture. Here is what I know so far: 1. I check the label legend manager and my legend is still intact. 2. I've "Refreshed Instruments"...nothing 3. I've "Refreshed Labels"...nothing 4. I cannot upgrade to SP1...I'm working with engineers and tech support...long story! I'm freaking out here...does anybody have a suggestion...It's proabably something really simple! Pat -- Patrick Immel Lighting and Scenic Designer Northwest Missouri State University patrickimmel.com VW Designer v2008 (Educational) 2GB Ram Dual-Core notebook Win XP sp2
  19. Hi Kevin, I have the educational version. And from the looks of the install log.txt that was what the SP updated. Thanks for your help! Pat
  20. Sorry, but just an fyi but my machine has XP pro, sp2 Pat
  21. Hello All and Katie, Trying to fix another issue, I downloaded SP1 and (after a few glitches) was able to get it successfully installed (The "Successful installation" box came up and I restarted my machine). I tried to start up the program...I double clicked on the icon, the VW splash screen comes up, the workspace appears for a *second*, then it just quits...just VW, not my computer. I get the same results when starting VW by itself or double clicking on a drawing file. I contacted tech support last night and I cleaned out my workspaces folder in this directory: C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Nemetschek\VectorWorks\2008\Workspaces That did not work. He also had me download and install QT 7.2. That did not work either. I'm really in a tight spot here! Is there any sort of log file I could send or look at to see what is going on? I have a busy day of carving trees out of blocks of foam so I don't have a lot of time to sit with tech support on the phone! As always, any help is truly appreciated! Pat
  22. Thanks Katie...I'll give it a shot!
  23. Yes I do. Before upgrading to v2008 I had 12.5.2 and although it rendered slowly, it just didn't stop! Thanks Katie,
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