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  1. When I dimension an object, for me to confirm to dimension I need to zoom in so I can actually read the numbers. Is there a place to see the dimension text without having to zoom in on the actual dimension Patrick Immel Northwest Missouri State University
  2. I figured out my own problem! I am using a new win2000 computer and there are two desktops. One in your user folder and the actual desktop. I was saving the exported LW files to one desktop and looking in the other! Sorry for the wasted space!
  3. Slightly off topic. I am ready to export my lightwright data to spotlight. I follow all of the tips for the Export Order and Options dialoge. When I click ok to enter a file name, I type in a name. Then when in SL browsing to find the file, the file name does not show up! In LW, I have tried typing in the file name with and without the *.txt extension. Any suggestions Pat
  4. Once I assign a symbol to it will it move to the correct position? ie hanging position? I realize that it won't be *exactly* where I want it. (say I have a new unit #5...will it go somewhere between units #4 and #6?) Once I assign a symbol to the orphan, will it still have all of the attributes I added to it in Light wright? Thanks, Pat
  5. I have been trying to practice importing and exporting between SL and Light Wright. My "Plot" consists of 6 units on two hanging positions. I have been able to successfully import and export between SL and LW. I have not been able to though add a unit in LW, then have it show up on the SL plot. Am I missing something in the manual? thanks, Pat Immel Northwest Missouri State University
  6. I Can't address the BSOD but I was able to get RW recognized by VW9.01 1. Re start the install for RW. 2. When you get to the "destination folder" part, stop, and manually browse to the folder where you have VW 9.01 installed. 3. Continue with the install as before. HTH, Pat Immel Northwest Missouri State University Mary Linn Performing Arts Center
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