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  1. I have a couple window and door 3d pios in my drawing. When I go to customize the component parts of the pio, I go to the Object Info Pallette and class settings. Under each item there is none then style-1 thru style-15. I change these and nothing seems to happen. Is there a place in the manual that denotes what each style is? TIA,
  2. I have inserted some of the generic furniture symbol/PIOs into my drawing model. Is there a way to apply texture(s) to all or parts of the symbol/PIO? After it is in the drawing and I select it, it says that it is a "non-textureable" object! TIA,
  3. Bruce, You are indeed right. The only digger to this is that you can only change the font type for single selections of text. If I have more than one text block selected, I get an error. I have worked around this by downloading a freeware font editor and changing the name of the font so it will definately show up in the first 255 fonts. I am curious as to why this limitation is in place in the first place and does v11 fix it? Thanks,
  4. When I want to change fonts for particular words, I go to TEXT > FONT. I have ALOT of fonts so only about 1/3 of them show. I have not been able to figure out how to scroll over so I have access to the rest of the fonts. Any Suggestions? Thanks,
  5. I originally posted this on the VW forum, but someone suggested I post it here as well! Hello all, I am running RW/VW/SL 10.5 on a win 2000pro machine. I have a spotlight light source pointed diretly at a curtain PIO. When I render the scene, it is as if the light is going right through the curtain to shine behind it yet does not appear on the curtain. I am sure that I am missing a check box somewhere, but I cannot find anywhere else to check!
  6. Yes I do!! Sorry I didn't mention that earlier! Patrick Immel
  7. Hello all, I am running VW/SL 10.5 on a win 2000pro machine. I have a spotlight light source pointed diretly at a curtain PIO. When I render the scene, it is as if the light is going right through the curtain to shine behind it yet does not appear on the curtain. I am sure that I am missing a check box somewhere, but I cannot find anywhere else to check! Patrick Immel Lighting and Scene Desginer Northwest Missouri State University
  8. I have this window with one Horizontal muntin and 3 vertical muntins. The program defaults to putting the horizontal muntin in the center. How would I offset the Hor. muntin, say, one foot from the top of the window? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks Zero...makes complete sense! But is there also some help for all of the different window variables like...for instance "Ext Cavs to Return"? If anyone from Nemetschek is reading...a picture of a basic window with arrows pointing to all of the variables maybe, even with text descriptions...would be real cool! Thanks
  10. Hello All, I have a question regarding the Window OI pallette, specifically what all of the variables effect. For instance, what do all of the style settings mean under the CLASS SETTINGS section. (ie, style-1, style-2, etc) I am not seeing this in any manual. Also, if there is a more appropriate venue for this question, please let me know! fyi I am on spotlight v10.5 Thanks much! Patrick Immel Assistant Professor Lighting & Scenic Designer Northwest Missouri State University
  11. Hey Matthew, I got as far as entering in all 25 serials and they are listed in the registry. I don't want to sound dumb...careful maybe...do I copy just the "registration" sub-key? How do I do that? How do I copy to other machines? I know the first thing I do is backup the registry...then I'm sorta lost! Thanks, Pat quote: Originally posted by Matthew Giampapa: On the Mac you can install all the numbers onto a single machine and then copy the preferences file from one machine to another. On Windows, the serial numbers are installed into the registry under /hkey_local_machine/software/nemetschek. Once all the numbers are installed, you can just copy this key and its sub keys from machine to machine. Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support
  12. Hello, I am about to install 25 copies of SL 9.51. Is there anyway to add ALL of the serial numbers only once so that when SL starts up and checks the network for other machines (it does that...right?) I won't have to type in *every* serial on *every* machine! Thanks, Patrick ImmelNorthwest Missouri State University
  13. Kevin, I took your advice and my units imported back into SL fine (although there is now an "Orphans" section on the plot with nothing in it. Also the dialog said everything came in fine!). The channel numbers and such are in the OI pallette but are not showing up in the plot. I have a label legend applied (I think!) What else am I missing? Sorry for being such a pest! pat Immel
  14. When I export out of SL what exactly is the name of the unique ID? I am not seeing anything with that name. All I can see is "Lightwright ID"! It sounds to me like you don't have the unique IDs for vector works in your LW file. Make sure that when you are exporting from VW spotlight that you export the unique ID fields.
  15. Hello, I have a real small plot which I exported succesfully from Spotlight 9.5 into Lightwright 3.? Just to check, all I changed in LW was that I added channel and color information to each unit. I then exported back into SL. I followed the manual appendix "D" (also I did not check the "import first record" in the Instrument Data Import dialog) All of the units supposedly imported back but it then said that some of the units were not imported and left orpans in the lower left corner of the plot. All that was in the orphan section was the color name, the channel number, the circuit circle and the channel hexagon. What gives? Am I missing something? Patrick Immel
  16. I have *sucessfully* been importing data back and forth between SL and Lightwright. I have just added dimmer info to LW and when I imported the data into SL, any units which are ganged (two-fered) do not recieve a dimmer number. All single units get their dimmer numbers as assingned! What am I missing? Pat
  17. How do I change default setting for units I have already entered onto the plot? IE, I want to change the frame size for a unit. Also, I increased the size of the dimmer and channel containers. How do I move the containers so they do not "pile up" on top of one another. I have tried moving them through label legend manager...no luck! Thanks for everyone's time, Pat
  18. How can I change the default settings for the ganging tool? I would like to have it default to gang by dimmer, but now it is coming up gang by circuit. Also a *comma* is auto inserted into every Dimmer field of every unit I put on the plot. This only happens after I gang the units together. thanks, Pat Immel
  19. Thanks for your attention Kevin!!! Pat
  20. Sometimes when I have all of the units on a pipe selected, I am given the option to have auto numbering. Other times I have to number manually. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks, Patrick Immel Northwest Missouri State University
  21. Ok, I figured out how to create a multi cirucit cyc unit! Thanks Kacey! Now when I create a lighting key the cyc unit comes up in its component pieces instead of one "unit". How can I fix this? Thanks, Pat Immel
  22. I am running into the same problem! Where is the parts library you speak of? btw, I am on SL 9.0.1 on win98 Thanks, Pat Immel Northwest Missouri State University
  23. Could the dimension text be displayed in the OI pallette? (Should I post this in the wish list section as well?) Thanks
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