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  1. Check that...I got it. You have to do any alterations b4 creating the walls/room. Or at least that worked for me.
  2. Got it..thanks Somehow the floor was getting in the way. Another issue (if u have time). In training we able to take a polygon (and room I believe) and alter the wall/lines via the add surface/clip surface function. e.g. I could create a room/polygon 100' x 50' and then lay over smaller polygons on the existing walls - select both objects and use add/clip surface to "insert" a wall/line change. I cannot seem to do this as the walls I created are not one polygon/wall. They are four separate walls. Why can't I do this?
  3. I'm pretty sure I create walls. I created a polygon and used the "Create Room" function from the event planning section menu. In training we did this via the extrude tool (I believe). To be sure, if you could tell me how to check if I actually created WALLS...that's be great. I did not have the insertion Mode activated. I did that. The doors DO NOT seem to insert correctly i.e. the wall line is still visible where the door is supposed to be inserted.
  4. Hello all. Newbie here. Vectorworks 2011 Spotlight Create a room using polygon tool, then try to install a door symbol and it won't 'seat' into the wall...why? I've done this b4 and can't figure out why it won't work now. Help


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