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  1. They do seem to be a symbol and everything is on the same design layer. One workaround I have come up with is to convert them into lines and line by line cut/crop the floorplan down to the parts I want to keep.
  2. Thank you for responding so quickly to my question. Either I don't understand your answer, or that will not work because the overlapping floor plans from the other details will still show up in my veiwports. I am attaching two screenshots - one is the drawing veiwed in DWG trueview, and the other after importing it to vectorworks to show what I am seeing.
  3. I am using 12.5 to import a set of DWG prints of our facility so we can update them. The person that created the prints seemed to take snapshots of the floor plan cropped similar to our viewports, then did markups on that. When I import, the floor plan comes through in its entirety, overlapping any other details that are next to it on the same page. Has anyone encountered this, and is there a workaround other than converting it to lines and deleting what I don't need piece by piece?
  4. I am currently importing DWG prints of our building and am running into the same issue where the Xref is not cropping as it does in the ACAD file. I am trying to stay away from rearranging all of the prints for the building and creating new veiwports for each detail. Has anyone found a solution to this?


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