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    Disable Menu Item

    Hi all, I'm stuck with a simple problem (or so I think), but I can't seem to find a solution. By following the Sample projects which come with the SDK, I was able to set-up a menu chunk with 4 menu items in it. Now I would like to disable a single item at runtime, but I can't understand how to achieve this. The menu plug-in I defined is practically the same as the one in the "VWUI Dialog Samples" project. The SDK manual simply states that some particular events (by the way, the kMenuCheckHilite action is what I should check, I think) are dispatched by VW by calling the main plugin function (plugin_main) but this is not what is happening. I also tried to override the OnDefaultEvent function of the Event Sink class, but that is simply never called. Anyone of you can point me to the right direction? Thanks in advance Jack
  2. Thanks a lot Josh, I'll change the plugin installation directory with the one you pointed out. As for the registry key, somehow, I am missing the Path key you mentioned. I mean, I have the whole VectorWorks folder, but it is empty. I'll uninstall VW and then reinstall it again to see if this solves my issue. Jack
  3. Hi all, This is not something directly related to VS development but I think it's something regarding general development and can be of help to some other people. The main goal I'd like to accomplish is to automatically copy a custom plug-in in the Vectorworks plugins directory. So, here is the question: is there a way to know the installation directory of vectorworks on windows? Something like a registry key or an environment variable would be very useful, but I was not able to find any of these. Anyone can help me for this? Thanks in advance. Jack
  4. Thanks Miguel, but unfortunately, I already tried this procedure and it doesn't seem to work. I'm sorry I forgot to mention it in my post. Here's some calls that I tried, maybe I'm missing something and some of you could help me: DoMenutTextByName('Export 3DS (3D Only)...',0); {exact name of the menu item} DoMenuTextByName('Export 3DS',0); DoMenuTextByName('Export',14); {try calling it by referencing with the submenu...} And even more combinations that seemed to me just like wasted prayers... Did anyone of you actually make it work? Thanks again Jack EDIT: I just found the solution (Google was my friend, again, and redirected me just on this very board... ) So, to make it work, you need to use the file name found in the Plug-ins directory of Vectorworks, just like this: DoMenuTextByName('3DS Export',0);
  5. Hi all, First of all, I apologize for opening this topic which is very similar (in terms of context) to my other one opened in the Vectorworks SDK section. So, here's my objective: I want to export a 3ds file by using VS. I know there is nothing like a "Export3ds" function in VS, but I was wondering if there is a way to tell VS to execute the "Export 3ds (3D only)..." menu item found in the "Export" menu of vectorworks. Any help or hint will be very very appreciated. Jack
  6. Jack_1983

    Export 3ds file

    Hi all, First of all, I apologize for opening two similar Posts (this one here and the other in the "Vectorworka VectorScript" section). Brief explanation of my problem: I need to create a 3ds file by using the SDK. Unfortunately, current version of SDK (2011) does not implement the functions of the abstract class IImportExport3ds: in fact, calling the Export() function just returns a VCOMError value of 6 (which means 'Function not yet implemented'). And here comes my first question: does anyone know IF these functions will be implemented? The SDK reference manual (found at http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php) does not have any info on this. I hope that maybe someone of you can have more information. Right now, since I need to avoid this problem, I read something about the 'DoMenuName' so I was thinking I could simulate a "Export 3ds" menu press by using that function. I know this is just a workaround, but I made some experiments by using this with some different parameters, but unfortunately nothing seems to work. Everytime it fails - i.e. nothing happens and the function return a value of -11 (which is, obviously, not documented ). So, here comes my second question: is it possible to "execute" the menu item "Export 3ds" ? Anyone knows a method to do this? Even some hints will be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry for the length of this post, but I just tried to be as clear as possible. Thanks in advance to anyone that will try to help me. Jack EDIT: actually, I got a solution for the second question: just use the file name found in the Plug-ins directory of Vectorworks as a string parameter of the 'DoMenuName' function: gSDK->DoMenuName("3DS Export",0);


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