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  1. Interested to hear your pdf experience. When I upgraded to VW LM 2016 (and Adobe Acrobat DC at the same time), all of a sudden, my HP Designjet 510 would not print pdf pages (exported from VW Sheet layers). I had no issue with VW 2015 and Acrobat 2012. Now I don't know if I need new drivers for the HP, or what to try. The whole reason I upgraded Acrobat was for their enhanced capabilities...
  2. Is there an answer to this question you can share on this Community Board? Love to know!
  3. It is seeming that when I edit a plant in the Database after the VW Plant List is created, the changes do not migrate to the plant list. If this is correct, does one have to create/over write the VW plant list from the database over and over again?
  4. I would like to do more with the VW Plants Database, including creating smaller, more manageable plant lists in a copy of the database, in which I would delete plants not in my zone, and create lists meaningful to my practice - native shrubs/deciduous, native shrubs/evergreen, rain garden plants, etc. 1. How can plants be added to/deleted from custom plant lists? 2. When it's time to upgrade to VW 2015, how do you preserve and incorporate your plant lists, assuming there are new plants in the upgrade version's database that you may want? 3. How are people using custom Plant Lists? Successes? Failures? Lessons learned? Thank you.
  5. Site modeling in VW LM - from start to finish, with examples of common tasks, similar to Tamsin's Residential book (Old Testament), but with the New Testament, i.e., site modeling. Good examples of how various users are creating VW Plant Lists from the VW Plant Database, and how they are preserving/importing them from one update to the next. A good step by step tutorial on how to take your plant lists and get them into the new year's release. Lighting, HDRI backgrounds, outdoor scenes and the camera tool. Those are three ideas. Thanks for asking.
  6. Not sure why but the program is churning now that I'd added many plants and plant tags to a drawing. Each little task (moving a leader line, changing the label font size, etc.) is taking a very long time. Ideas?
  7. I agree - I've done fine learning VW with VSS, Help, and tech support, but there is a gaping hole of support for site modeling. And I've also gotten tripped up with class attributions as Benson describes above. A few good Tamsin-style tutorials are needed on this!
  8. I have the same experience. Some projects seem to demand different color pallettes than others as well. But saving customized colors, gradients and 2D plant modifications in the Resource Browser seems to be the best way. Too bad the RB isn't that user friendly, but it's the only way to save and reuse. But I'm looking for the same thing. Maybe this winter!
  9. Agreed. I wish it allowed for alternate railing types (cable rails) and also allowed designers to adjust the depth of the treads. But it's a very good start.
  10. Nice, I was just dealing with this today. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Relative to the correct-looking plants in my test plant bed, my plant tags are teeny-tiny. How do I control the font size, and must I do it for each plant, or can it be done globally with the plant tag class? (I see how to control the angle, circle, etc.) Thanks!
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