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  1. When I draw a rectangle, say 24"w by 12"h starting from top let corner and finishing at right bottom corner. The object info displays as Width - 24" and Height - 12", instead of ?x & ?y as in VW 12.5. When you rotate this rectangle by 90? anti-clockwise, still it shows Width - 24" and Height - 12" (even though height & width is interchanged). Now you want to increase the height (actually width on screen) by another 3" towards right, On the object Info Pallette, on nine circles. You click on the leftmost bottom circle and +3" to the Height, the rectangle extended towards left side. You click on the leftmost top circle and +3" to the Height, the rectangle extended towards right side. You click on the leftmost center circle and +3" to the Height, the rectangle extended towards left & right side. This is very confusing. When you click on any of the three leftmost circleIs it should always extend towards right. Is it intentional or bug? Siva. VW Architect/Renderworks Mac OSX 10.4.10, 2.16 GHz. Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB Ram.
  2. I am using VW 2008 Architect with RenderWorks. There are only about 20 trees available in the symbol library, which are not very good. I know Landmark carries all the trees, but we don't need Landmark for our type of work and it is expensive to buy. Is it possible to buy only the symbol library of Landmark from Nemetschek? Or are there any good third party symbols available? Siva. VW Architect/Renderworks Mac OSX 10.4.10, 2.16 GHz. Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB Ram.
  3. Katie, Thanks for your response. The question you asked, " Are you saving to the local computer or a network?" clicked on my mind. I was saving to a network Windows Server 2003. Now I am saving to my local computer. So far okay. I will keep you informed. Thanks. Siva. VW Architect/Renderworks Mac OSX 10.4.10, 2.16 GHz. Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB Ram
  4. I am unable to continue working on VW 2008. It keeps on crashing when I attempt to save. Sometimes when it crashes it gives a message, "Failure on attempt to get end of file." Unfortunately I have to switch back to 12.5. Siva. VW Architect/Renderworks Mac OSX 10.4.10, 2.16 GHz. Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB Ram.
  5. Few months age we bought a canon IPF700. We use it on Mac & Windows. The printer drive is not mac friendly. Half way thru it stops printing for no reason. Then you restart the printing, sometimes it works. The print quality is very good. Feeding the roll of paper is very easy. Bur there is no paper tray for cut sheets. You have to feed it one by one, which is a messy affair. Regards. Siva. IMac Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB, OS 10.4.10
  6. How do you add a vision panel on an overhead door PIO.
  7. Siva

    CANON IPF 700

    Recently we bought IPF 700 and we are using mostly mac, OSX10.4.9. Print quality and speed is excellent. But sometimes half way thru the print job gets cancelled. When we click restart printing sometimes it goes thru and sometimes stops again. We are using print drive 3.21. Anyone has answer for this, please respond. Thx.
  8. When I draw a thick line at angle (say 45?) it appears on screen and prints thicker than horizontal or vertical line of same line weight. Any solution?
  9. I am using Mac with 10.4. How do I convert old files as far back as Minicad 3 to VW 11.5 without opening the classic application.
  10. For 72 dpi, it is working. It is bit low resolution but anyway thanks for your help.
  11. I tried on 300 dpi & 200 dpi. Both are not working.
  12. I created a Site Plan using VW 11.5 (Emac 700 MHz, OSX 10.3.8. The file size is 1.5MB. The page size is 24"x36". I am unable to export to Image File (jpeg) to the same sheet size. The maximum width I can export is 12". If you set the width to more than 12". The warning appears "could not export image due to image width exceeding the limit." Could somebody help me on this.
  13. There are at least 25 architectural firms using VectorWorks. I am using this since MiniCad 2. May be we should form a users group. Siva Pushpan
  14. Anyobody knows how to get data about turning radii for trucks. Is there any plug-ins available to work with VectorWorks.
  15. On Metric drawings, even after rounding the decimal to nearest 0 (in Units dialogue box), the dimensions display one decimal point. Of course you can round those dimensions to the neraest 0 again on Object Info Pallette. Thats time consuming to repeat for each dimension again. Is there any solution for this?
  16. There are few tools missing in VW 9.0.1. Property Boundry Tool is missing. Extend Tool is missing. When you inport VW 8.5.2 files to VW 9.0.1, if the drawings are in metric it is automatically adjust the units display precisions to 1 decimal place whereas in VW 8.5.2 I had no decimal place. anybody has solution for this.


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