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  1. Simply trying to apply a glass tinted texture to a wall. Have selected my plain colour (light blue)...but after clicking 'ok' it still shows as a gradient from blue to black (please see attachment) how do i solve this so that it is just one tinted colour with no gradient?

  2. I'm using vw 2009

    Hmm It's hard to describe, but i'm trying to recreate this plan in floor plan and 3d. (please see attachment) The Walls (shaded grey) are not continuously the same width...

  3. Hi!

    I'm trying to create walls using the 'wall tool'. I've set the thickness to 400mm but i don't want to the opposite line of the wall to mirror the line that i draw out. How do I make it so that i can change shape of the wall so that it's not 400m the whole way around??

    When i make the shape i want with a 2d tool and extrude...i can't insert windows or doors properly.

    Any help appreciated, fairly new to v.w!

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