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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, now the next version (3.0) is available on http://ae3d.ru . The main benefits are following: 1. Simplicity of usage – in a majority of cases it is enough only to specify input and push the button “process”. All available possibilities to adjust the repairing in some particular cases are represented by 3 check boxes. Other settings are set up and managed automatically. This version doesn’t use any processing profiles. 2. A special care to prevent appearance of residual holes in output result. 3. A greater robustness in cases when the surface is represented by a set of isolated mesh pieces.
  2. Hi everyone, now the next release is available to download, it includes the 64-bit plug-in for Rhino 5 based on the newest engine of version 2.0. The same engine is used in the new stand-alone program versions as well. Please, see http://ae3d.ru for details
  3. Hi all, problems with the release built on October 28 have been fixed. In case of a new bug found, please use the corresponding form on the download page or send me an email directly. My best,
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, the next release of the Triangle Mesh Completer is available ( http://ae3d.ru ). In this release a 64-bit version of the standalone utility is added. The main difference from the previous version is a more flexible and efficient implementation of the filtering step (the corresponding topic is added to the manuals). In general, the repairing becomes more robust and in some cases faster. With the best regards,


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