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  1. I just thought I would add a comment from a fairly niche industry that Vectorworks caters to. In entertainment lighting just about everyone is making an ipad/iphone app. So much so that its convince me to get an ipad (I dont particularly like apple but I can't argue with the apps out there that apply to lighting.) It would be fantastic to have a simple viewer that I can pull out of my pocket any time (because I always have my phone with me) and take a simple measurement that I didn't dimension by accident. I'm actually currently using AutoCadWS to do exactly this but its clumsy and requires me to convert my files to a DWG and upload them to a server somewhere. Even better a program that can interact with lightwright touch. I would love to go in to hang a show with a printed plot, some hang cards and an ipad. No more figuring out my scribbles after the fact. If a light has to move two feet because of some structural obstruction I could update that right there on the ipad, while walking around. Just my 2 cents.
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