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  1. Hi, I hope some of you guys maybe able to help me. I have recently moved jobs where I am the only full time CAD user and have been promised I can choose a software update (currently ADT 2005) My preferred choice is Revit as I have 3 years experience, but budget is also an issue and Revit is just to expensive. This has got me looking at other BIM options such as Vectorworks, which looks good. Can anyone tell me how the scheduling of the 2 systems compares? Area's, doors, windows, mainly. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I am an ADT and Revit user just moved into a new job. I have downloaded the trial version of VW to try out before possible purchase. Just a quick question re phasing, when using VW do you draw an existing model and then save this model and modify to generate proposed? ie is there a demolish tool and options to set phasing as in revit? thanks in advance
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