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  1. Hey there... @BaRa nope, i dont assign any Material. Only colors from the classes. To texture my scene, i only use Cinema 4D. @Monadnoc I use the new function in VW 2011 - export (or send) to Cinema4d - so you get the possibility to set up a new scene, or to update a existing one. Thanks for your advise so far! ...
  2. hey folks, i got two questions around vectorworks 2011 and cinema 4d R12. i hope you can help my with my problems. if i use the export-function in vectorworks 2011 (export to cinema4d an open a new scene or update a scene) my classes and groups export to cinema4d with the corresponding colors i chose for the respective classes. at first... i got no UVW-mapping information exported... what could be the reason? so... i don't get UWV-informations about the exported objects. all object are mapped with sphere-mapping. at the next step i do the adjustments i need in cinema4d - cub-mapping - some texture transformations ...now iam ready to render! if i got some changes to my objects in vectorworks 2011 and choose export with update my cinema 4d scene, all projection and texture-transformation informations set to default! now i have to set it again! why?? -- my next questions is about materials in cinema4d. vectorworks 2011 gives me the material-colours in cinema from the classes colors. - so i have a finished material with textures and the whole shaders an informations in it to use it for a render. - also i have a material only colored from vectorworks 2011 heres the question! can i transfer the material-channel informations from one material to the other material? to set the same informations in every material i need, is to much work an to time-consuming. is there a way to fix that problem? i hope my english is understandable an not to confusing best greeting! dominik weindl


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