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  1. Thanks for the info everyone! So just so that I am clear - the update function from VW2011 to C4D R12 works, but it only updates the geometry? If so, that is fine - that is primarily what I use the VW for when creating the 3D. I generally prefer for my textures in C4D to take precedence (since they're so much better anyway). going to purchase R12 just so I'm with the latest and greatest!
  2. I'm using R11. Could that be the issue? I couldn't find any export plug ins for VW2011
  3. Hello, I've been using VW and C4D for a few years now. Up until the 2011 release, there has always been a plug in that allows the transfer between the two. The VWX file would export to a .vw4d and it would then import into Cinema 4D. You could export updates out of VW and merge the data - all was good. I'm noticing that the practice with the new 'Send to Cinema 4D' command is a lot different. I'm in the practice of naming all of my classes and assigning all object to those classes so it looks like that data does carry over. However - some of my objects do not appear in the render - only when I select them in Object Browser do I see the outline. I've added new textures - nothing appears. I can't find the common denominator between the elements that appear and the ones that don't. Also - when I try to update the VWX file and 'Send to Cinema 4D' - I select the 'Merge with the Current Scene' option but it says 'unrecognized file format. I am keeping my VWX file and my C4D file in the same folder as I assume it is necessary for dynamic updates. Are there any resources provided for those of us trying to bridge the gap between the old (plug-in) and the new (native export)?? Any help is appreciated
  4. Yes Dave - this is the very issue Sofy and I have been working through. After doing a clean removal and re-install, CineRender is still not launching. I'm not sure what is happening. Maybe I need to re-download the install DMG file? In addition to my previous VW issue that I was having with a corrupted preference file - I'm beginning to think that simply removing the plist files, application support folders, and deleting the application still leaves something behind. I'm not sure what to do to trick my computer into thinking that Vectorworks has never been installed - because there is something that seems to remember.
  5. I've tried to re-render. But when I select Fast or Final Renderworks on the drop down menu it immediately reverts back to Open GL. It's at this moment when all of my renderworks features go away. Very strange...
  6. I have a designer license with Renderworks installed. My co-workers work primarily on spotlight without Renderworks. We commonly trade files and work on our respective areas. However - I noticed that one file - after it was opened and edited in spotlight - makes my renderworks options go away when I update the viewport. When in the paper space area - I have all of my renderworks menus. Then on my viewport selection - I can see the drag downs on the Foreground and Background menus. I click 'update' and my render options for Foreground and Background render go away and I'm left with Open GL and Shaded Polygon. Anyone ever seen this?
  7. Now the entire program is crashing. I think it's much more than viewports. I've emailed the crash report to Nemetscheck and I'm going to do a full re-install. Not sure what caused it. But now when I open the program - it opens to a blank file (normal). But when I open a file - it crashes. I have tried over 12 different files so I know it's not a corrupted element in any one file.
  8. I'm having an issue with VW crashing when I select viewports. I'm working with a file that has 10 or so different viewports and I'm in the process of creating more. I'm not sure what I've done but each time I even select the viewport, the program crashes all together. Any suggestions?
  9. I am using VW 2011 Designer and when I run anything that is moderately complex, the render drags and drags. my machine: MacBook Pro i7 2.3 GhZ Quad Core Processor 8GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 6750M Graphics Display my render: a stage a room (3) projection surfaces truss Curtains/Drapes a few textures (carpet, ceiling tiles etc.) Rendering w/ Final Quality Renderworks with a Hidden Line Sketch render in the foreground. I have eliminated all elements that contain too many polygons and vertices and tried to simplify all other elements. All classes the need not be renders have been switched off. I have menu meters installed and I watch all of processors go to 100% and it gets about 30% through the render and gets hung. I'm scratching my head as to why my fast machine would get hung on a render that doesn't have that many elements in them. I plan to put a lot more in there and it worries me that it cannot handle it at this stage. Does anyone have any ideas/tips as to why a render would be dragging on a fast machine? ...and yes - it's the only application running! BK
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