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  1. Hello Users.

    I've been trying the Bridle Tool.

    But I think is a mess.

    They tried to make something but didn't understand how.


    1st The bridle doesn't snap to a hoist that's inserted with the Hoist Tool.

    You can change the downleg for a hoist.

    But what rigger start with designing bridles before you got a hoist.


    2nd Why do is there always a downleg "what's called a drop or stinger in the business".

    A downleg should be used if the hoist does not have enough chain length or you need a steel for a deadhang.


    3th why is there a 4 leg bridle choice.

    A 4 leg bride won't work cause there's always a leg who does nothing cause steelwirerope is never exactly on the mm.


    4th They should change the trim height to apex height.

    If the tool snaps to a house rigging point or structural member you don't need a trim height you need a apex height.


    What I'm missing is the text from the bridle configuration in the drawing instead of the assembly diagram.


    How is the rest thinking about this?


    Greetings Martijn.


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  2. Hello Users.

    The Create Report List All Symbols function is gone in VW2018.

    Is there a way to do this in 2018?

    I use it a lot to check DWG imports or other VWX drawing i get from 3rd party suppliers.




    Greetings Martijn.

    Schermafbeelding 2018-07-02 om 16.00.00.png

  3. Helo forum users.

    I'm kinda stuck and need some help with marionette and python.

    I'm trying to make a object info tool with several dropdown menu's that will output a combined text file.

    But i can't get more then 3 fields.

    And if i turn it into a new tool i don't understand how to make it editable.

    Can someone help me with this?


    Greetings Martijn


  4. I've got a question.

    Is it possible to add text from a drawing to a report.

    What i want to do is link text what i add to the drawing to a report.

    Instead of adding symbols to the drawing.

    I try to combine steel wire ropes to get a total length.

    If i add symbols it's al lot of work to align them.

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