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  1. thank you very much! i think i tried just about everything except double clicking the viewport.
  2. hi! i know i've been creating a lot of threads but whenever i use the search function i get about 1000 unrelated threads i draw in 1:1 on my design layers, then save my viewports at 1/8". when i try to dimension something on a worksheet it dimensions it at that scale, instead of at 1:1. i can't find an option that will change this for me, and have to dimension on my design layer. thanks!
  3. hi! if i select say ten or more objects, half of which are on the 'screen' plane, and half of which are on the 'layer' plane, the plane pop-up menu on the object info palette disappears altogether. if i select just one or two of each the 'plane' field stays open, but is blank. this is good, because i can change everything at once. but once i start selecting several objects it just disappears. thanks for the info on the active plane pop-up menu - sometimes it's hard to see these things on your own!
  4. likewise is there a way to set it up so my lines default to the 'layer' plane?
  5. hi, i was drawing some stuff and some of my lines have the plane set as 'screen' and others as 'layer'. if i select a bunch of items, i am not presented with the option to change them all at once to 'layer', so that my viewport will capture everything. is there a way to do this?
  6. hi! i created a 2d polygon and want to pattern it. but when i click on the attributes palette and select 'pattern', all i see are a bunch of solid black blocks. does anyone know what's going on? thanks!
  7. hi! thanks for the information on layers - it helped quite a bit. i also had my 'plane' set as 'screen' instead of 'layer' for some reason which was causing issues. not really sure what that option is for right now. when i add dimensions to a design layer (and the layer is turned on), it doesn't show up in the viewport. any ideas why? i realize this is a complex piece of software!
  8. thanks! i'm running through this now. i can't get exterior wall dimensions to show up, even after following the instructions. any chance anyone knows why this is?
  9. hi, i'm really having trouble getting these viewports to work. i imported a 2d drawing from sketchup, converted it to lines, and clicked the 'create viewport' button, but it doesn't show anything. does anyone know what to do? this program is still pretty frustrating. i've been using it for 2 days now and am still struggling.
  10. hi, i've just started using vectorworks architect. i'm finding it frustrating so far, i think it's because i feel i have to keep clicking stuff constantly to select/deselect/perform actions and everytime i click something weird happens or i go into different 'levels' or something. i'm sure a lot of this is just due to not understanding the program properly. right now i'm drawing basic 2d stuff in sketchup (simple plans/elevations/etc) and then importing them in vectorworks. i've discovered they import as 3d objects, and i first have to convert them into lines in order to mess around with them properly. (modify/convert/convert into lines). converting them into polygons would be nicer, but i don't think vectorworks can do this in any intelligent manner. then i select the lines i wish to turn into polygons, and use the 'compose' command. i tried 'convert - convert into polygons' but it doesn't work. today i tried to set up a simple viewport by clicking 'create viewport', but all that happens is that a new sheet pops up with a couple of random lines on it. i think they are the lines i drew natively in vectorworks. anyway, i'm desperately trying to claw through the manual. i'll be doing almost entirely 2d work in this program. i've been told i can draw my floor plan in vectorworks and it'll generate my sections and elevations automatically? if so, that would rule. if anyone has any tips for this kind of workflow, or if there's a good series on youtube that i can look at for beginner tutorials (i searched and didn't find much that was related to 2d), or any other tutorials floating around, please let me know. i didn't see a 'newbie' section or anything like that on this website, but if there's one i'd appreciate being pointed in its direction. thanks!
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