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  1. thank you so much!! it worked
  2. Hey All, I have a small 3d model of a house with few doors and windows. I am trying to put materials on it. I selected a wall in plan view and then in the OIP i changed the style to a CMU-6" Plain. When I go to 3d view and open GL, the texture/material of the wall is not showing. I tried to use the Attribute mapping tool (to scale it ?) but it isn't working, anyone knows how can I make it show? Thanks guys
  3. Thank you Michaelk, that worked!
  4. Hi all, I have this walls and doors showing on 2d design layer and in the VP. When I go to isometric view the walls show but the doors disappear, anyone has any idea of what's happening? thank you!!
  5. Paola


    I fix it!! if somebody has that problem: I had some classes turned off. In the visibilities dialog to the left. I missed it somehow before. I turned on the class and it worked.
  6. Paola


    Hi all, I am drawing some walls and doors. I already did the whole thing and the doors show normal on the design layer, when changing to VP the doors disappear. I checked the visibilities and the classes and I have everything on, and checked to be visible. what can I do? thanks guys
  7. I just watch the webinar about 3d terrain modeling with Eric Gilbey and Tamsin Slatter. It was fantastic!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was wondering if there are other webinars around. I am a beginner- beginner in VW !!!! working in a company that only uses it . No CAD at all, which was my tool for many many years. The pressure here is very high and sometimes I just get stocked for ours trying to figure it out a simple tool in VW. Please let me know! I appreciate it!! Paola
  8. Thank you so so so much!! you guys are awesome!
  9. Hello, Anyone knows how to do a hatch with a rectangle or space inside (I have a shape that i cannot see because of the hatch), I think is call not associative?
  10. An how to change from arrows to dots or diagonals?? Sorry I am so annoying with this but I really can't figure it out. The info palette doesn't do it.
  11. I found it! Unconstrained linear dimension -under details. Ok but how to change the text / arrows size?
  12. Or when drawing on the design layer, how to change the size/ scale of the dimensions?
  13. HELLO, Any idea how to draw (inside VP annotations) an angular dimension?
  14. Hi all, It seems that the more I try to learn this program, the more problems I find with every step.... I am trying to create a set of architectural plans and the original site plan and survey are in autocad... I started from scratch, created the sheet layers, design layer,and imported on the design layer, a DWG file. It imported fine (or so I thought), as soon as it got imported a new weird design layer was automatically created with the name of the cad file. My original design layer was not editable anymore. I created a VP from the new weird design layer, it did it but some classes are turned off and was a terrible pain to get them on or vice versa in the VP. Then I tried to import a second CAD file to create another VP.I did it on the same weird design layer. It imported on top of my previous one...or something. everything looks like a huge mess. I hardly can separate things because there are so many blocks. And when I tried to create another design layer (after I saw this mess, I thought that may work), to import the second CAD file, as soon as I opened it, it already had the first CAD file imported...why?? Is there any trick to import CAD files? Please help me guys!!
  15. Thank Pat, that worked!
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