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  1. I have been working on a file to export as IFC for the last couple of days. I final was able to get it to view correctly in an IFC viewer and in Revit. However the consultant is telling me that none of my objects are editable as Revit Families. Is there something else I need to do to the file in order to make it happen? Or is this just not possible? 190612 VW to IFC.vwx
  2. My firm is using project sharing. We also keep all of our project note databases in one place, so everyone has access to them. That was working well for us before we started project sharing. Now we are noticing that when we need to add keynotes to a project that any previous keynotes on the sheet seem to lose their connection to the database. You have to select each one and re-click the box that says "Place As Keynote" otherwise they disappear out of the Notes Legend. Has anyone else run across this? Does anyone have any suggestions/fixes? Thanks. Christinia
  3. We had the same issue as everyone is describing today, or at least is sound like it. I sent in the error report when it crashed and I just sent the file in using the support request form. The one thing we are having problems with is there isn't a lot out there about using the Project Sharing. I have watched the videos on YouTube but that isn't enough information. Is there some place where we can learn more about the in's and out's of Project Sharing? Christinia
  4. In our office we use dual monitors. Which has become helpful to have 2 drawings open at once. I noticed last week that VW2016 we have lost that ability, it is now more like a tabs situation. Am I missing a place to change it back to the old way of viewing or is this something we are stuck with? Thanks. Christinia
  5. In the past we were able to import CAD symbols for medical equipment - beds, headwalls scanners, etc. - however with Revit coming around everyone is converting them to Revit and we can no longer use them. It would be great if Vectorworks would work on getting some medical equipment into the symbols library. Thanks. Christinia
  6. We are having the same issue here. Support hasn't been any help, they can't seem to figure it out. I have been doing some investigating on my own and it appears to be the difference between world-based and page-based symbols. I thought I had the space tool issued fixed but now when we add a viewport that includes our legend the space tag either blows up or becomes miniscule. Any help with this would be appreciated! _____________________________________ VWA 2012+RW on Mac OS snow leopard and mountain lion
  7. Since the last upgrade to VW2012 (SP4) we have been having problems with the space labels. You put them and everything looks fine. When you go to print the sheet they reduce down to a minuscule size. It is happening on old and new projects. I have turned the issue into tech support, it has been almost a month and no solution yet. I really want to know are we the only users having this problem? If not, has anyone found a solution? I have spent countless hours creating space labels to get the information I need for the space only to have to turn around and spend more hours putting that information in to text boxes. Thanks
  8. I had this happen yesterday, can you tell me how you fixed it? Thanks!
  9. We have 2 versions of Vectoworks 2011 - Architect/Renderworks & Designer/Renderworks. The problem I am is having is when a drawing is started/set up in Architect/Renderworks and the font is Avant Garde someone else opens the drawing up in Designer/Renderworks and the font changes to Arial at one computer and Helvetica at another. Is there a way to set a default font at each computer so I don't have to keep changing the font back to the office standard? Thanks Christinia


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