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  1. This was a significant issue for me. Thanks Greetings from Turkey.
  2. Hi I tried your suggestion. In Document Preferences,Mesh Smoothing option is not selected.Now is enable,angle:180. Rendering mode:Final Quality Renderworks. much better than before This problem is solved thanks to you.Thanks for helps. Best Regards
  3. while importing 3ds model,having the same problem each time (all of the 3ds object).I used it previously in 3d Max,the end is quite excellent. I tried adjusting 3d settings as in the picture,but the same problem. The original image is attached.I can not send as 3ds file. Thanks
  4. Dear all I'm trying to import an 3ds model into Vectorworks 2012,but it looks like a triangular or a mesh ,even after rendering.Unfortunately, does not seem realistic.What is the problem? Please help
  5. Zeynep

    Diamond texture

    Hello Dear Vectorworks users I couldn't see detailed topics relevant to creating a texture.I drew a diamond as in the picture, failed to create a diamond texture. Would you please help me? See you,thanks.
  6. Thanks for the advice At last everything is back on track. ...thanks to you.
  7. Hi:) I used split tool to cut Nurbs Surface in the middle but is closed Vectorworks 2011 Application.I dont know why. By the way in the object,right and left ends up,middle ends down towards.What is the easiest way to create this shape?
  8. got a problem.... I draw nurbs surface obj.as in the picture,tried all of 3d conversion tools (shell,push/pull...)but thickness does not,error message=>shell creation failed.Is there another way to create this obj? added a file thanks
  9. Hi, When I select any object from Plant Object and Plant Object 02 files in the library,it looks one type object.At the same time, these two file locked. There seems to be a problem Can anyone help? Vectorworks 2011 Designer,Renderworks
  10. Thanks Mitchell I found it myself two days ago because of no one has answered my question Space Settings > Space Label > Display Space Label > Space Label Symbol:Space Tag-Residential > Field Name:Bath & Format Field:Net Area I think so that I solved the problem. But now,I'll ask one more question.How can I display the values of the height and width of the door or window as in the picture ? What command or option should I use?
  11. Hi all I'm trying to creat the calculation of a building or room and examine from VW Help category.Unfortunately , I can not Project is ready; *selected Space Tool (Space Planning-Space or Building Shell-Space) *Tool Bar Preferences looks different(different texts),attached. *does not appear calculations,I want to see the calculations of m? on the project as in the picture. Thanks, Happy Weekend...
  12. What a great feeling to learn Thanks
  13. Nemetschek must find a solution to this,ok I did as you said it but not the easiest methods. -dimensions do no appear in Open GL or other rendering modes -dimensions are lost save as jpeg or other format -In 3D objects does not appear some of the dimensions save as Create Symbol - - - or I can't... :confused:
  14. Hi all, I can not 3d dimensioning in isometric view in VW 2011.At the same time dimensions are changing location when I change view :confused: Is it (3d dim.) plug-in? How can I do 3d dimensioning as in the picture?
  15. Hi everybody I have to unfold this,but with vectorworks.Is it impossible,I want to learn it.I am adding a vwx file about weathercock drawing. I used Loft Surface command each two drawing,I think ,only one problem "TWISTED SURFACE" in the Design Layer 1,because I can use unfold surfaces command to the other object in Design Layer 2 Any idea? :confused:
  16. Hi Kaare where something is wrong?I try over and over again, but failed. How can I make a weathercock can be unfold
  17. Hello Mike I'll ask one more question. Vanes-one by one nurbs arc - loft surface = nurbs surface.so far everything is okay.(as in the picture) I want to unfold object, but gives a warning and I don't understand why the warning. selected nurbs surface object(vane)-model-3D Power Pack-Unfold Surfaces WARNING;unable to unfold the selected objects!
  18. Thanks Mike Thanks again for your help. OK,DONE
  19. Hi eveybody Please help me ,how can I do a weathercock as in the picture?I tried but I could'nt.Object can be circle values h=25000mm w=1200mm angle=120 can you explain how to do


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