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  1. Ah. I spoke too soon as as soon as I tried to export the final drawing (with my additions) as a PDF half of the drawing disappeared! I saved each step of the way - but now some of my additions (random lines + objects) appear on the sheet layer but only very tiny. A lot of the object have just vanished.... hours of work seems to have disappeared! I have been saving all along but it doesn't seem to have worked... Any ideas?
  2. It seems to have worked! Thank you so much Peter and Benson. I was in Sheet Layer and went to Edit Design Layer (had a bit of trouble finding that box but got there in the end!), and now I seem to be 'in' - creating additions that look right and measure right. Thank you so much again - this forum has been a god-send! Philippa
  3. Please help! I've imported a DWG file (floorplan) to Vectorworks and the scale is completely wrong. When I try to draw new objects onto the plan they appear massive - and it says I cannot change the layer scale when I try to under 'Document Set-Up'. Have tried "Modify - Scale Objects - Symmetric by distance" but the measurements are still wrong on the supposedly corrected drawing. Have tried to create a new design layer on top with the correct scale, but when I do I can't even see the DWG layer underneath (whichever "View - Class Option" I select. It doesn't let me change the Layer Option to "show/snap others" - not sure if this would help?). I am a CAD novice so really struggling, and need to import this DWG successfully to even get started! Any help would be massively appreciated
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