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  1. I'm seeing this problem as well, haven't narrowed it down to symbol/geometry but I definitely have some hanging positions auto assigning both height and position, while others assign the position but leave the lighting instrument at 0" Z. 2022 Sp1 Build 627588. Don't have time today to figure out if I replace the lighting position with a symbol option or what might work there, so I can't confirm what the difference is between the ones that work and those that don't, but it's a consistent issue and I know the positions were built differently in prior versions of vectorworks as I just copy and paste from prior plots in the same venue, and there are minor differences in appearance in the 2d view.
  2. I don't have an answer but it's a year later and I'm dealing with the same problem. Useless when entering lots of data into columns on a worksheet. Now I have to go back and grab my mouse and select between every entry? It de-selects the worksheet itself so, for instance, if I type on the keypad it treats my entries as moving around the views instead of typing in the cell on the spreadsheet. Somebody help! Is there a way to solve this in some setting that used to default differently or is this a bug in VW2017 or just in our copies? 2015 and before didn't have this behavior and I don't think 2016 did either.
  3. Not using autoplot. Doesn't seem to have any effect, messing with records; there doesn't seem to be any extra that I can find. Discovered the problem while working with viewports and sheet layers, but the instruments and areas I've been working with recently aren't affected, so I'm not sure how long they've been screwed up. I do know I did create a key to instrumentation and other paperwork and was thinking it might be related to something there. Yeah, I realize 12.5 is not exactly the hottest new version, but when you only use VW a few times a year, it's hard to justify to the boss the expense of upgrading - particularly since every other piece of software in our entire theatre from marketing to database to payroll is in the <$50 range due to non-profit discounts. And I don't bring in any extra income to myself through its use, so until the price for upgrading drops dramatically, I'm going to be upgrading only when absolutely necessary. If it helps any, when I first learned how to use it it was called miniCAD - I've upgraded twice since then!
  4. See image below. The selected device shows focus area, color, dimmer and channel... yet the object info box shows all those categories as blank. About half my plot has this problem; if I at any point update or refresh anything it will wipe the channel, dimmer, and color information from all the affected instruments, but only the focus information from some of them. Anyone have any thoughts on what caused this and how I can fix and/or prevent it? I'd really like not to have to re-enter all the data for about 40+ lights...
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