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  1. Thanks again. The only way I can get the solid fill til plot is by give it the color white. Black and other colors don't work. Strange, but I can live with that for this purpose. And I stick to black background. Drawing simple drawings with many object in green and yellow with is better with black background (and many years with Autocad may affect some..).
  2. Thank you for qiuck reply. The circles is not fillet in viewport when the background in set to white. And, I don't understand what printing colors to lightweights meen (still new to VW). Where do I set this? And I am a black screen guy :-)
  3. I hope this is simple. New to Vectorworks and have problems with circles with solid fill that don't print the fill to pdf. Picture 1 shows capture from Vectorworks. Picture 2 shows pdf. Any suggestions?
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