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  1. Cool thats good to know.. The trouble I am having though is once these references have been brought into the file as viewports, if I now export the file as a dwg for issue it does not create a single dwg but the master file with the viewports as seperate dwg files.. Is there not any way to actually embed the viewports as live geometry thus making a 'flat' as it where drawing with no viewports? I used to do something like this with microstation in a different place so thought vectorworks must have an equivalent.. Cheers, B
  2. Hey that's awesome thanks loads..! On the subject of referencing, works fine for me, except how on earth does one 'freeze' a drawing after it has been issued (left the office) i.e. embed the geometry from from the reference viewport's into the drawing file itself.? Cheers B
  3. It seems a very simple problem yet cannot find a solution anywhere as of yet, for my general work-flow would love to know how to copy & paste multiple layers from a different vwx drawing file, in a single copy command, without them all ending up on a single layer in the new vwx drawing file..? Any one that could help me out with this greatly appreciated.


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