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  1. Thanks. I think what was never really clear to me before was having to put everything onto a sheet layer. Even if I don't rescale, the original items go onto the sheet layer and I never print the design layer. (I know, kind of makes sense and becomes a "duh" afterward) I guess I'm still used to designing and drawing on the same page. (or sheet)
  2. I'm new here and I'm new to VW, so please forgive me if this is already answered. If so, please guide me to it. When I began drafting years, and years, ago, we used paper, pencil, and a scale rule. In drawing I could put a detail on the same page in a different scale. Not necessarily on a different sheet, but on the same sheet. How can I use Viewports to do that? When I try, I only get to see either the detail or the design layer, or the detail is on a different sheet. All layer/class options are visible. Is there something I'm missing? I'm lost here. VW 2015 SP3 Thanks.
  3. I just started a light plot, the first one with my new computer, and when I choose the Label Legend Command - Nothing Happened! There is no label legend manager and nothing is happening. Where did it go and why can't I get it? I'm still using VW12 (I know, sad, but that's all I have. Would love to upgrade, but not sure I can afford it.)
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