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  1. Still havent found a good solution, anyone has some vectorworks specific tutorial/step by step with screenshots? thanks
  2. Element always stays at same position even when I rotate see attached image, also when i draw new parts they are "out of space" if have referenced the manual but cannot figure out why this is happening, anyone can help me on this? stuck on my drawing now what are locations to look into for fixing this issue?
  3. Just to be clear, the company im doing my bacelor if thats is called correctly owns the full vectorworks package and i use it to design some stuff but im new to vectorworks so its rather hard to get used to it, the 3d part that is.
  4. Newbie to vectorworks, learning each day, its an amazing program but with the 3d features i have a bit of a struggle. Im trying to create a 3d Model from 2 pictures front and side I have, anyone can help me with that or provide me a good tutorial with step by step instructions on how to make a 3d model from 2 pictures (front and side ) i have seen some nurb related tutorials on youtube but they go to fast in there edit to see how to really do it. Attached are 3 images anyone can help me make a 3d model of this? Or provide me with a good tutorial, many thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for reply. I tried those, its very hard for me still to make the link to the app based on instructions, another problem is that the shape is like the picture included its not a full arch rather see the image for what i mean, could you provide an example maybe? its one of the last parts i have to fix my drawing. Thanks for the help!
  6. Please See attached image, I have the 2 retangles with a thickness of a few mm but I want them to be 1 single element and the seperate parts should connect with a ) bow that has the same thickness too. how could i do this? im pulling my hair out on how to connect them Thanks in advanche
  7. Hi Guys, I have played around for a day with vectorworks reading the most basic tutorials and toying a bit I however have some frustrations with the software I hope you can help me with: 1) Moving IF I move <- or -> it slides way to fast and far to the left or right ( im using OSX latest vectorworks trail E btw ) Can I make this sliding smoother or less? 2) I tend to loose my 3d/2d models a lot when i zoom around, used to autocad and it feels unconvienant nagivating my objects, im sure there must be something I can set to fix that like some center in middle function? 3) I work in CM / MM (Europa ) but the same would apply for inches: The zero line 0 is always positioned in the bottom left, Can I click an object and then set that as the "base" for the zero 0 line? 4) Some way to stick the toolbars and floating panels to the sides of the screen? Coudent find this I tried the most simple options from the menu's but my workspace is still kinda a mess 5) Last but not least, I would like a 1cmx 1cm grid so I can snap my objects to that, but whatever I tried the grid always gets bigger as I zoom in and does not stay 1x1cm, is there a setting to make it always 1x1 ? Anyone can recommend me some video tutorials / screencasts for free or payed for the recent cinema 2011 or 2010? Or any good Ebooks or books on vectorworks, I have basic knowledge of cad/cam I just need to get used to vectorworks, which is amazing in itself!
  8. Sorry I posted the message very Quick. Im currently using the VectorWorks SP2 OSX Trail version and consider buying it. Im going to dive into your suggestions let it know if there are any problems, thanks in advanche! Thanks for the attached file, big help!
  9. Hi everyone, Im fairly new to vectorworks, anyone can recommend me a good tutorial preferrable a PDF one so I dont have to carry a book with me? I try to make a object round in 3d.. I have in top view draw the shape of it but then im totally stuck how I get it to be rounded like a cockpit of an airplane, it shoule become rounded and move from 10cm /inch at the end to 0cm/inch in the front so its not only rounded but also getting smaller each inch it moves toward the nose of the airplane. Anyone can help me with some tutorials or info on that? Thanks in advanche!
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