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  1. So I am getting weird results exporting pdf's or images of sheet layers. Rendering a sheet layers viewport, specifically one in a 3D view will result in a good looking render (see screenshot below), but once i export a pdf, image, or use a virtual pdf print driver (like CutePDF), it adds a wierd diagonal stripe that obstructs half the drawings view (See pdf below). It looks like the image object that should be at +0 on the Z plane is ghosting at a higher Z elevation maybe? Any thoughts as to what could be causing this? Details... Windows 10 running current VW Spotlight 2019, 8GB ram, AMD Radeon 7800 series GFX card, i5-3570 quad core processor Thanks! Option 2 - Richmond Squirrels Stadium - Stageline - 3D.pdf
  2. So noticing the new symbol picker in VW2016 in the Instrument and Symbol tools, but was wondering what is the best way to get my custom symbol libraries into the pickers? there will be libraries for multiple departments, some LX, many video and audio. I really like the layout of the prepackaged LX symbols. Would like to be able to get my symbols in that layout in both instrument insert, and symbol insert. Is this even possible? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the tips! They helped us to isolate the problem down to the printer driver needing to be updated... odd that vectorworks was the only program to have issues with that, but at least its working now. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Have a coworker that decided to upgrade to Yosemitie yesterday and now when he prints files, all the text is showing up as rectangles. This is Vectorworks 2015 (latest SP), on a MacBook Pro. All other software prints fine, and the text screen displays fine. PDF's exported show the same behavior. Any ideas? Thinking a font mapping issue, but not sure where to start looking. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the ideas! Pulling out the 3D from the symbol and making it a 2D only worked like a charm. Guess I am going to have to figure out how to rotate the 3D portion back into axis to fix it for good though. Thanks!!
  6. Hi, So I am trying to create a label legend for a mac aura. The issue is that the spacing that I am putting into the Layout editor is different than what is appearing in my drawing. Oddly, especially as I get closer to the fixture in the layout editor, each "nudge" of the label can move the label in the drawing a drastically uneven amount. IE: one nudge and the move is barely noticeable, the next nudge and the label moves a foot off. Not sure this makes sense or not. I also tried setting up the labels the way that I wanted them in the drawing and then using the "Create Label Legend from Lighting Device..." option. But after doing this, several of my labels jump around to new locations on the drawing (though they look fine in the layout editor). Any ideas on what is going on? Spotlight 2014 on Macbook Pro...
  7. Well thats a shame... do we know if there is any desire on VW's part to fix this?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to get Data Exchange to work properly for me in Spotlight 2014 on mac. Unfortunately, the company I work for uses filenames in the format of month.date.year - showname.vwx ... this seems to cause some issues with Data Exchange. It looks like sometimes it is saving to month.date.year-showname.xml, sometimes it is saving to month.xml, and other times to month.date.xml. This is wreaking havoc on Lightwright as data is not passing properly between programs. I tried to do the DocumentSettings->SpotlightPreferences->File Path:/A Custom Location, and have it create an xml file with a simpler filename (no dots), but it only creates an invalid xml file with zero filesize. Any ideas on a workaround for this? Don't think that convincing people to adopt a new naming standard is going to work as I think I am the only person who cares about the data exchange ability... Thanks!
  9. Nemetschek informed me the same thing about v12 not being supported in Win7. I am not surprised at all, of course, it is legacy software... but it is all I can afford at this time. The tech support rep pointed me in the direction of this board as a potential source of help since I am not the only user in this boat... stuck in 12.5, that is. I tried the link you shared, but unfortunately, the advice didn't help. Looks like I am going to be stuck with these features missing for a while. Oddly enough, I think this is all that is missing.. but I haven't had a chance to fully shake out this installation yet. Thanks again!
  10. Hi, I reinstalled Vectorworks 12 on a new machine after my old one had to be decomissioned and now I am not able to import/export PDF's, or export KML files... their menu options have been greyed out and changed to the following: Import PDF...: menu ID -193 not available in VectorWorks. Export PDF...: menu ID -176 not available in VectorWorks. Export KML(3D Only)...: menu ID -356 not available in VectorWorks. This is after updating to 12.5.3 with the direct update on a fresh install. the fresh install would actually not open at all. Machine is running windows 7 pro 64-bit edition. Any ideas how to get this up and running again? Thanks!


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