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  1. So here's an update from my experience. What seems to make it crash is using or modifying imported images that are greater than about 500KB in size. I was using an imported image as a RenderWorks texture that was a 1.2Mb JPG file. I could turn it into the resource fine, but when I attempted to apply it to an object, it would crash.

    Downsizing the source image to about 225KB and then re-importing it as a RenderWorks texture allowed me to use it with no crashing.

    I have the same problem working with imported PDF files. Frequent and totally unpredictable crashes.

    So, in my experience, VectorWorks has a bug when attempting to use

    or modify resources or imported images greater than a certain size.

    Does anyone else have the same experiences?

    I just did a test with a 4.3 MB image file. I was able to create a Renderworks Texture and then apply it to an object without any issues. It is possible, the image file size is not the issue. It may be something else about the image that is causing the crash.

    If possible, can you send in a copy of the image file you imported? Please send the file to tech@vectorworks.net. Just put Attn: Mike in the subject. I'll take a look at it as soon as it comes in.

  2. It seems that the connection to the record is broken. The code assumes that the Z value is in a record named "1' contour" and field "CONTOUR".

    If you can post a sample file, I can update the code to make it work better.

    You're correct. There are two lines in the script that need to be updated:

    kRecordName = '1''contour';

    kFieldName = 'CONTOUR';

    For example, if in your file the record is named record1 and the record field with the elevation data is named, ELEVATION then the lines should look like this:

    kRecordName = 'record1';

    kFieldName = 'ELEVATION';

    Also, as Jonathan mentioned if you have Vectorworks 2014 or newer, you can use the Modify by Record command to perform this action. Using the Elevate 2D Polys option, you can convert the polygons to 3D polygons and choose the record and field used to set the elevation. You can also apply a multiplier to the field if you need to adjust for unit values.

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