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  1. Thanks very much for your reply, sorry its taken so long to respond. This is the screen shot of the attributes.... not sure how I would find out if I have two objects? No. Please see screen shot of attributes - looks like a polygon to me, but I'm by no means an expert! I'm using an old version of vw, which is possibly relevant. coombe garden.vwx
  2. Hi, I'm sure this is a setting somewhere which is turned on, but I just can't find it. I am working on a file which came from an architect - maybe it was a DWG file, maybe a VW file. Anyway, at the start I managed to fill polygons with any colour, but since moving to a new layer/time passing, they won't any longer. Rectangles will fill with any colour, but polygons will only fill with brown. I've checked document settings, and both the 'black and white only' and 'use layer styles' are unchecked. I've attached a screen shot of my attributes palette when I select a polygon. When I click under the 'solid' the vertical space just seems to select itself, rather than pulling up the colour options - see second screen shot. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  3. i have the latest update to vw (Landmark Designer Renderworks)... if that helps at all
  4. Hi, I'm actually using my brand new macbook pro now... will update sig in a bit. Anyway... have a garden which i have been working on in rotated plan. As often seems to happen when in rotated, things aren't quite right. When i use place plant tool, the plant tag disappears halfway across page, and is seperate from plant. I need to do it in rotated, because A)i'd like the tags straight to the design for a start, but more importantly, B)i want to place some square box plants within a hedge shape, and unless in rotated plan/view, these don't line up. I thought about permenantly changing the whole plan to a diff view by selecting all, grouping and rotating using rotate tool, but then all my vps are crooked and i've spent hrs working on those, so this isn't an option. Can anyone suggest any way round this.... or am i just doing something wrong? I even tried to create a modified plant symbol, by editing the 2d graphics and rotaing them to the angle i needed, but this didn't seem to work. Any ideas most welcome. Thanks
  5. WOW thanks Guys, what a fantastic response........ I actually followed Benson's suggestions, which were very clear (thankyou), and created one myself.... which was v satisfying.... the hardest part was guessing the size, but with the help of the re-scale tool I got there in the end. It's taken me a few days to get back to the forum and say thanks, and when I got here I found all the extra ideas. The rest of the info looks amazingly useful though, so I will definately come back to this at a later stage (ie after the course finishes and life begins again!). I've had to limit what I want to do due to time constraints, but I'm sure there are possibilties here that would satisfy my desire for the outer curve of the spiral to flare outwards at an angle of my choosing! Maybe I'll call on you when I start playing around with the plug-ins etc at a later date? Til then, happy spiralling to you all, and thanks once again for such great support!
  6. thanks for the suggestion... in what file format do you mean?
  7. THANKS GUYS.... so no go with the spiral tool...and thanks Pat, but I think you are prob right regarding the scripts - beyond me i think. So is there any other tool I can use?
  8. ok, this might help..... I've included the OI palette so you can see my settings.... flickr
  9. Hi all, newbie here so (if anyone can/will help) please keep things simple! I'm trying to draw a 2d spiral like this Wikepedia using the spiral tool in the basics toolset. can anyone help re working out the correct data for the object info box? I don't know the sizes for anything, except that I think 2 turns is about right. I can work on the physical size later... i just need some idea of how to make a start! So far I have managed to produce something on the right lines by producing 2 spirals from the same start point, but making one of them a metre smaller in the 'distance by turn' box, but this leaves a gap. It is for a paving pattern, so needs to be solid if that makes sense. I'll try and get a photo up of what i have..... many thanks
  10. it's a USR file... is that the correct format?
  11. Bea and I are both struggling to do this..... sorry. meanwhile I thought I'd double check i had downloaded the coblands database. I'm not sure i did, but when i double clikc on the uk coblands plant data it just says that windows cannot open this file. sorry
  12. Thanks Tamsin, I did try try that, but nothing happened. I selected 'UK plant data' and followed the steps above. It asked if i wanted to replace the existing tree list with currently displayed list of plants. I yes yes and it seemed to load 5000 plants, but no change to existing tree list.
  13. Is there a Uk tree database I need to download ? I thought I'd done the plants one, but perhaps not, or maybe it doesn't transfer to the existing trees.... they all seem to be US...
  14. oh thanks Tamsin, but you disappoint me!!!!!! you mean it's hard graft all the way?
  15. Hi, I have a vectorworks file with a survey on it, including tree information. This has accurate sizes of trunks, canopies, and the name of the trees. Is there a quick way of converting this to something more meaningful in VW? Instead of using the Existing Tree Tool and starting from scratch by 'tracing ' over the top of them, can I select and convert in some way? thanks
  16. Thanks ... I'm going to make the switch from pc to mac...
  17. I'm not quite sure why the Mac book pro's have lower spec than pcs, yet seem to be recommended..... is it just a more efficient way of using the processor/ ram etc?
  18. OH great thanks very much for getting back to me..... So you're a mac user? Would you recommend it? I mean i imagine you would.... but is it THAT much better than a pc?
  19. Hi, i have the student edition, and have been having problems with my computer. I've already installed VW on 2 machines, but am thinking I'd like to remove it from at least one of these, and put it on another, new laptop. I would only actually want it on one machine..... but i know there is some limitaion on how many times i can install it. What happens if you've wasted a go on a laptop you don't want to keep? And if my new laptop was a mac, (previously they've been pcs) would that make a difference? Thanks
  20. If i make sure i have nothing selected,, check attribute palette opacity is set to 100, then click place plant... the attributes palette greys out, and no plant visible.
  21. Thanks Tamsin, I'd agree with the late nights etc.... but when i place plants, should the attributes menu be greyed out? It is on my machine, so i can't set opacity. I've updated my spec... not the best I know, but affording new laptop is a struggle....In terms of disk space i have 159 GB free.
  22. Thanks..... Vista ultimate sp2. Vectorworks 2011 sp2 Landmark Designer Renderworks
  23. Hi, I have a couple of files which are experiencing probs. It was one file, but i have tried to rescue it by starting again and importing layers, so basically two files but with data in common. In the original file, one plant had it's tag showing but not plant graphic. When i went to edit the 2d graphics all looked fine, it was visible. I tried replacing the plant, with the same plant, but this time no tag either. Now i can't place any plants. The orange selection boxes around plant, label and tag show up when i hover over them and all the info is there in the oi palette, but nothing shows up on screen, or print. The layer/class is visible, and everything in oi looks the same as the plants that ARE visible. I wondered if it's because the file is a reasonable size, so i put all the plant classes (plus the basic lines of the garden)in a new layer, opened new file and imported the new layer. Now I can place new plants and create them. However, some of the classes won't grey. They show up fine when visible, but when greyed, nothing shows or prints. A further problem.... I've created some viewports, and lots of the plants (that were previously fine) now have no plant graphic. They have a tag and label, and the polygon display, but no graphic. The same plants look fine in the design layer. Not sure how to select plants in viewport to look at 2d graphic. Would gratefully receive any thoughts.
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