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  1. Hello, I have the same problem as Rbkla with plants and None class. Have you maybe solved this problem and can you help me? I also have a problem with plants in camera view- when i make renderworks camera view, plants seem to have white background instead of transperent one. (When I look at the 3d model, everything is OK, problem happens only in camera view) Thanks,
  2. Hi Tamsin! Thank you for your help. I've been setting my active class exactly the way you've described. On the view bar and on the navigation palette it is obvious that the class I've chosen is active. Also if I draw the line or something else, the object is always in active class as it should be. Except with plants. The plants always end up in class 0 (not None) - this is the class I've made once (I am not sure why anymore), but I can't delete it). I also have class None, which was there from beginning and can't be deleted. So in my case if I do the procedure exactly the way you've described the plant is not a member of A-BETON, but the member of class 0. That means I have somewhere in my settings something different than you. Do you know where and what that would be? I've now renamed class 0 to the class Plants and all of my plants are now in the right class as I want them. All the subclasses are also OK now. So I guess my problem is solved now- I really hope it stays that way. In past few months it has been changing constantly (as you can see from my posts)... If you can explain why, I would be really grateful so that similar problems won't happen again. Thank you!
  3. Hello Tamsin! Thank you for your reply. I am sending you a file with couple of plants. I really don't know what's happening... :crazy: Now the situation is different again. All the subclasses are now OK (meaning Plants-component -canopy etc.), so the plants are looking normal again, except the plant symbols are automatically put in class 0 instead of current class. I guess when dealing with this problem I've changed some things and obviously something worked (but I don't know what :blush: ), because previously also canopy, colour fill etc. where assigned to class O. Or maybe it is just a pure magic ? Is there a setting where I can define that plant symbols should always be assigned to class Plants? About red letters of symbol names- I'm almost sure that they where black before and just some of them where red (the ones that I 've edited in one session). But maybe I am wrong...
  4. Please help me! :cry: I still haven't found the solution to this problem. Now it's even worse - all of the plants in the Resource browser in all of the files seem to be assigned to class None. For example: when I want to insert the Hydrangea symbol (that used to have parts assigned to classes Plants-component- outline, plants--component -interior linework etc.) in the current file, it automatically puts it in class None instead of current class and also assigns all of it's parts to the class None. That means that I have to edit each symbol after insertion to assign its parts to right classes. All of the symbol names are now written in red letters (I guess that means that something it's wrong with them?) I must have changed some settings that I don't know about, can please anybody help me?
  5. Hi! I have made plant symbols with parts assigned to different classes provided by VW (canopy, outline, interior linework etc.) However, when importing them via Resource Browser from one file to another those classes get mixed up -for example they are suddenly all assigned to class None. The strangest thing- it doesnt happen with all plants or in all files. What's the problem? Is there a setting that I don't know about? It gives me lots of extra work, so I hope somebody can help me... Thanks
  6. When I want to define slope on a pad, the slope arrow is not showing. The 'Show slope arrow' field is checked, the slope is defined, but I cannot see the arrow and the pad is flat. I've already done that couple of times and it worked properly, but in this file it doesn't. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you. I've totally forgotten about basics (fill, pen, etc.).
  8. Why does the texture bed not show in 2D? It looks OK in 3D, but in Top-plan view it's invisible. Anyway, I can select it, when I move the cursor across it, but the line is invisible. Do I have to make a separate object to show in 2D or is there another way to see the line?


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