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  1. Whenever I try to export a PDF or publish several PDFs the border of my sheets and of my title block disappears on the left right and bottom sides. It makes the PDFs look very amateurish and I can't find a consistent way of fixing it whilst still keeping the results to scale. I use an A3 Brother inkjet and have configured Vectorworks to print to this rather than a standard ISO A3. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Matt
  2. Jim, Sorry to keep going on but I just downloaded SP1 and this still doesn't work. Any idea when it will be fixed? Thanks, Matt
  3. Sorry to dig this up again but I am still having problems. Everything works as you describe it above BUT For some reason my animation along path file loses all the saved views after the first 12 (I have about 40). It does not shorten the animation along path (I have set it to 40 seconds, roughly 1 for each view) it just kicks out the saved views above 12 so that the final animation is static after 12 seconds. Is there some order of inputting the settings that erases some that you have already entered? Any ideas? Matt
  4. That does seem to work for me too. So, to be absolutely clear, it doesn't work if you don't have Unified View selected? If so, what was the reason for doing it this way? Thanks. Matt
  5. I might have just answered my own question. It doesn't seem to work on any file that wasn't written originally in 2015. I just tested one that was and it is fine.... Is this the answer?
  6. Sorry it's me again. I keep trying to get a model in 2015 to perform as described and it just keeps jerking backwards and forwards. I have even reset the preferences but nothing doing. I know it's going to be crushingly simple but I can't find it. ... Matt
  7. As you say, weird. But as usual many thanks for fixing it. I am really starting to feel sorry for any users who don't know you exist. This place is an absolute lifeline.... Matt
  8. Ok this one has really got me stumped. I tried to do an animation along path (Not orbit, for some reason it doesn't have the same problem..) and the time is greyed out and set at 5 seconds. I have dozens of views that will not fit into 5 seconds. I have zoomed in as far as I can on the edit screen but there is no way I can fit them in. How do I set the length of the video to more than 5 seconds? I know that I can make the video longer by adjusting the time scale but it doesn't help me get all the views in. It worked before, am I missing something...? Matt
  9. Jim, Ok,thanks. Seems we are at about the same level here. I have had two files completely fail on an iPad air with the Nomad app. They processed ok but were not viewable on probably the most capable IOS device you can get. They just crashed the app. I am guessing it's a size limit but it might be something else.. Thanks for all your help anyway. Matt. ps how do I get a quote to show who I am quoting..?
  10. Ok, Thanks to all of you. The two queries still outstanding are : 1) What are the credits actually for? It looks like they are just for rendering sheet layers. If all I want is a 3D model on the iPad it seems like I do not need any credits. Is this correct? 2) What is the maximum size of file that will work in the 3D IOS viewer? I did speak to Cadfaster and they implied 250MB was absolute tops but you were better under 200MB. I know this isn't Cadfaster but I'd just like to know what your numbers are. I have some big files...... Thanks again, Matt
  11. Jim, Sorry to double post, should probably have put it in here originally. Could you respond to my "Vectorworks Cloud Services Credits. How do they work?" post please. Someone else has already had a bash, for which I am grateful, but I'd feel more comfortable if it came from you. Many thanks. Matt
  12. I was kind of expecting Jim to answer this. Thanks for the answer but who are you and how do you know this? Also it seems like the 3D credits are ONLY used for processing Sheet layers. I thought 3D meant converting the 3D model to run on an iPad. Is that right? Matt ps VGM or not it REALLY does look like Cadfaster.... pps I pretty much guessed the free bit had something to do with usage. I was more asking whether or not they were committed to making it free as a incentive to get more VSS subscriptions (which are getting substantially more expensive every year). I would expect Nemetschek know how many subscribers they have and are quite capable of making a forecast about potential usage. Or maybe not....
  13. Also What is the limit on the file size that can run in 3D preview? On an iPad air a model that says it is 455mb (was about 250mb before upload) just crashed the Nomad app every time. ...? Matt
  14. I downloaded the new Nomad App for the 3D viewing of files on an iPad. As a VSS subscriber I regarded this as a free service included in the price. I was surprised, and a little confused, to see mention of "credits" but was heartened to read in the FAQ : 21 "What does Vectorworks Cloud Services cost? Vectorworks Cloud Services is a part of the Vectorworks Service Select subscription offering in some countries. All benefits of Cloud Services are currently free for Vectorworks Service Select members. and What is a 3D credit? 3D credits allow for processing compute intensive tasks such as cloud rendering of viewports. So a) If the service is free what happens when you run out of credits? b) Do the credits renew on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis? c) Do people who are not VSS members have to pay for them? d) Can VSS members manually renew them if they need them? e) When you say all benefits are "currently' free does that mean you have plans to stop them being free? f) is the 3D viewer basically Cadfaster's product? I am really impressed by the fact that it does work (I checked in my iPad). When I ran the test files they processed with no reduction in the credits which ties in with the notion of it being "free" However, when I uploaded and ran one of my own files I noticed that the credits dropped, hence my above questions as I have no idea what "credits" actually are. Matt
  15. Ok it has worked for one computer by doing it in stages. Just read Jim Kelly's post, will try to get the console.app result out for another computer that is not working. Matt
  16. Jim, just tried again and am getting somewhere by clicking the first library individually. Did previously press "Install all" Will come back as and when it is finished. Matt.
  17. Installing 2015 on all computers. I managed to get the first computer up and running without any issues. On the next two, however, I can download the basic program but not the subscription libraries. The VW 2015 Vectorworks Package Manager just says "Queued". Are the servers overloaded? Either way can you give me an idea when they will start working again? All systems are Macs on OS10.9.4 with at least 16 GB of RAM. Matt
  18. I have been using the Apple Intermediate Codec for videos recently in 2014 and have been getting MUCH better results than any of the other codecs. Jim W has just informed me that it will be dropped in 2015 but suggested that I add it to the wish list. So, please could you add the Apple Intermediate Codec back to VW on the Mac ASAP in VW 2015. Matt
  19. As far as the animation goes, I always use the Apple Intermediate Codec which has been MILES better than H.264. Will that option still be available on a Mac with VW 2015? Matt
  20. Jim, thanks for this and I had already done this. The problem is that the image is in the 2D model as a PNG file with quite a tricky transparency map (alpha channel). When I export it this gets lost and it then takes a very long time to delete all the fiddly little bits of background. Is there no way to just get straight to the .PNG file? Matt
  21. I am trying to use a 2D symbol from the Xfrogs photorealistic library as a top view of a tree in a Perspective View but it just corrupts when I put it on the layer plane and try to raise it up. I can see that the image is a PNG but I can't get to it so that I can create a texture and put it onto a 3D polygon. Extract Images pulls the jpeg/png file from every texture in the model but not the 2D symbol. Can I extract it? Mat
  22. Ok final post. If you create a 2D/3D object the face me part of the Image prop does still work. Not sure why it didn't at first, could be Mavericks or memory or something else. Sorry not to be more helpful. Matt
  23. Ok, have just created a 2D/3D object with the components of the plant object. The good news is that is can be non crossed planes The bad news is it can't continue to Auto rotate. Aaaaaargh..! Do I need to store the 2D and 3D components as a group??
  24. Ok trying again.. Hmmm seems to be a bug with Mavericks as far as adding files. Did this on a different computer and it works with Lion. Can anyone confirm this? Anyway, the crossed planes plant object is on the right and the non crossed planes plain image prop is on the left.
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