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  1. Had same problem. Check the "Height Range" of the Section Viewport in the "Advanced Properties" in the OIP box. My Section Viewport was set at 200' above the layers.
  2. Nice to find an post that relates exactly to one's situation, thanks. Currently working on a 2013 27"iMac and having been watching the spinning wheel for too long now. I am trying to work primarily in 3D, VW 2019, mainly OpenGL modelling (although with a fast new iMac might render more), 300mb+ files, singe family homes. I'd like to add more to the models and have more viewports, but can't as I have to keep file size down now. The upgrade will be amazing regardless of what configuration I go with, but has anyone had real life experience with the difference between the 580x GPU vs the Vega 48? Is the speed noticeable on VW? I've read from 30%-40% faster (https://geekynerdytechy.com/radeon-pro-580x-or-radeon-vs-vega-48/) to BorderDog's 10%-12%. The problem with tech reports is one doesn't know if that extra speed will be utilized on one's typical workflow. Up here in Vancouver it's $585 CDN more for Vega 48 which isn't a problem on it's own, just all the upgrades add up; 8 core +$500, 1TB SSD +$375. The tempting $3,079 base balloons quickly and $4,539 is getting visually close to $5,000!! ūüôā.
  3. @zoeageorg glad it helped. Have to thank you as well as your "wood planking" question lead me to some wood siding textures I've been looking for for a long time. Cheers.
  4. @zoeageorg I just had this as well and it was "rogue geometry" (don't even know what that means) that was a huge distance away from where I was drawing. I can't tell you the exact step-by-steps I did to resolve, but found the answer in this forum. But basically I turned all layers and classes on, selected all in 3D side view (elevation view of your 3D model), and fit to objects and found the "rogue geometry" way off the drawing. I think I caused the problem by changing the 2D origin and it became way off the internal origin. Those two origins needed to get aligned (see Forum for that). It seemed to be a whole bunch of items (even Loci) drawn on Screen Plane that were way off the Layer Plane. If I remember correctly I had to individually grab most of the "rogue geometry" items one at a time, change them to top plan view, and then change them to Layer Plane from Screen Plane. Then went back into side view 3D/select all, etc and repeated with more "rogue geometry" items. After catching them all I think I then re-aligned the 2D origin and the internal origin. The really nice outcome of it all is now when I switch into 3D Open GL when drawing the model stays in same place on my screen! Needless to say I'm not a techie, so hope this helps.


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