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  1. I'll just hope they make these logical adjustments and upgrades instead of focussing on worthless junk like the latest revit updates...
  2. 3 reasons for me to change from these programs: 1/ The office I'm working in uses this software. 2/ I really like the interface, intuitive handling,... 3/ I'm most used to revit, because of school, but I realize except for some great features it's not improving anymore. Still I miss some tools I personally find obvious that would make life much easier. - Reshape handles on objects like doors, windows,... / being able to reshape them actively in model like you can do like in settings. - Being able to set fixed point when resizing windows, doors,... like you can do with lines and polygons (right, left, middle). - Slanted/tilted wall (see archicad). - Walls by path (not just circle). - Selecting connected/looped walls (see tab selection revit). - Align tool. (see revit) - Temporary dimensions between the most important elements in a drawing that show up when dragging an object (see revit). - Advanced spreadsheets. - Ability to create a wall that isn't just all the same height. - Wall by face. - 'slice of pizza' section: section in multiple direction taking a piece out of the design. - Create similar.
  3. Hello, I like the new features of vw 2011 regarding 3d modelling with push and pull, but i think the developers really should take a look at Bonzai3d. Easier and still with a lot of functions ... just perfect! Really try it out and speak for yourself greetings!
  4. Hello, I was wondering which is the easiest way to scale an imported dwg file, or a group of objects in vectorworks. Free or by a certain value. greetings!
  5. It has nothing to do with my object, i just created a standard shape with 3d tools but when i want to shell i can only select one side and that side will become a hole, the others sites are shelled, just what the shell tool is supposed to do. But i would like to thicken every side of my 3d shape. Btw i can't even select all the sides of the objects Also when i create a shpere it is impossible to give it thickness. It would be sad if you could give thickness to a complicated shape without having to select every single face... greetings
  6. Hello, anyone knows where to find good free vectorworks? greetings!
  7. Hello, Is there a possibility to shell and entire object? Because I only manage to make a hole in 1 side of and object while giving all the other sides a thickness. greetings!
  8. Hello, In my model i added a parametric restriction to keep the distance between 2 objects, but I can't seem to delete it. Any suggestions? greetings!
  9. Hello, when i'm modelling for example a vase, is there a possibility to select certain faces or edges as i could in cinema 4d? greetings!
  10. Hello, When i create a camera, then go to camera view i can edit camera settings but as soon as i click on my sheet the camera options dissapear from the info pallet. How can I from the sheet where i see through my camera access my camera again? Rightclicking the dashed lines or corners of my view doesn't work ... greetings!
  11. I now have found how to make normal doors, normal windows under machine design (?!) but still no window wall . Is there a way not having to switch between work enviromnents? greetings
  12. Hello I tried to create corner windows but when i want to alter a window it says window/door and the settings i can chose look totally different (and are more limited) than what's shown in the video (i added screenshot). I also lack the option of window walls. greetings!
  13. Ah! Why didn't i think about that , tyvm! Could you also explain directional light to me? I don't really get the direction, angles,... I also wonder if this object is always use as sun or are there better ways? The tutorials i have from vectorworks are a bit vague at some points. greetings!
  14. Hello, - Is it possible to link a group of lights to a certain view(port)? So it would be possible to set different views, each with different lighting and then save all to batch render. - Can someone explain to me directional light and what his angles mean? greetings!
  15. When i make a section i see no fill at all ... any idea how that's possible? And now section viewport option even has dissapeared out of the menu ...
  16. Hello im using vw 2010 but when i create a section of my model the section isn't colored red any suggestions? greetings!
  17. Hello, Can someone explain me how setup model - level settings work? I saw a tutorial but i still don't understand. You have to set FF values, ceiling heights and floor thickness but the values of different floor levels aren't connected to eachother so if i change one the rest stays the same. If i for exemple wanted to change the height of one or all floor levels from 4 to 3 metres i would have to change all manual? greetings!
  18. Hello, I just looked at an older version of VW and it seems to me tools like window and door are screwed up certainly if you want to adjust settings. greetings!
  19. In my 2010 version there isn't even a curtain wall function, but to be honoust window wall is just a really crappy tool (i used it in vw 2008). It offers no qualities like archicad's curtain wall does and in modern architecture big glass walls are indespensible ...
  20. What's the best way to export archicad file to vectorworksfile? Because i think curtain wall of vectorworks is kinda worthless if you could even say there is one compared to archicad. greetings!
  21. Hello, - does VW offers something similar to curtain wall of archicad? - If i want to change the heights of my buildings levels do i have to correct all Z and delta Z? or can i just change all levels like i can in Revit at once? - How can i draw a foundation plan, do i really have to use wall tool? - How do i remove dimensional restrictions? greetings!
  22. When i look at walls in 3d, i don't see other components in 3d. When i change for exemple from walls to floor slab view doesn't change at all. greetings!
  23. Problem is now solved, don't know how i restarted VW. But I still can't manage to view all the layers of my model in 3d at once. greetings!
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