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  1. Now viewports are a bit like screenshots. You can edit them but it's a pain and for example section viewports turn into opengl or another render mode instead of keeping the elements of walls, slabs,... showed. This way it gets much harder to change things knowing what the resulting section will be. In archicad and revit sections and elevations are much more editable. In addition you don't have to click update all the time which is a pain as well.
  2. How do I create and save new wall/slab styles so that I can use them later on in other projects?
  3. Is it possible to move slabs, height of walls, windows,... in a section view? And how can i edit this section view keeping the 'rendering style' as composed walls, slabs,...
  4. Anyone knows where to find some decent tutorials about BIM? The vectorworks 2015 commercials are telling how intuitive and awesome BIM is in Vectorworks but I can't even find a tutorial that describes how to connect a slab with a wall. Sometimes I succeed in making wall and floor connect but as soon as I move 1 side of the slab out of the wall all connections are lost.
  5. Problem seems to be the printer. An other printer does the job just fine.
  6. Yes I know, but this is so unconvenient in comparison to the method I posted a screenshot off. Is this because of the more complicated patterns. My dad is used to the above method where you can select thickness and linepattern at once and since the update from 2010 to 2014 this is driving him nuts as most of these patterns are hardly ever used compared to the normal dashed linetypes.
  7. Patterns of walls are printed inverted. Most of the wall turns black, the black lines turn white. Any idea what is going wrong?
  8. How can I make Vectorworks 2014 show linepatterns (different dashed lines) in the dropdown menu of the attribute palette? http://imgur.com/iZdaRQD
  9. Thank you! Maybe an improvement to sections could be autoupdate? Just a small thing that makes the experience a bit smoother.
  10. Maybe an improvement to the google doc system can be that you can lock and unlock some parts. This resembles archicad's way of organizing teamwork, but this is much more restricted than the google doc method which works more convenient. Maybe there is some path in between that allows flexible simultaneous working in the same document.
  11. Just saw a version of VWX without renderworks... it's not even close to sketchup's capabilities, how horrendous....
  12. So basically to compare VWX and archicad you have to include renderworks as archicad comes with cinerender... That reduces the price difference quite a bit. Thx.
  13. How do I make a section viewport out of the section drawn with the section elevation marker tool? I thought this tool would create a section like revit or archicad does. But it seems I have to draw a section viewport which is double work...
  14. Why don't walls stick together when trying to move the corner? Or why do selection handles disappear when selecting 2 or more walls?
  15. I was wondering what are the visualisation capabilities of vectorworks without the renderworks suite? The versions I've tried of VWX always have this (full trials)... Is it for example impossible to assign materials to walls?
  16. Yes indeed, selection tool in most programs is some of default state (like in autocad) and it's a bit inefficient if you have to press buttons all the time to access it, except of course if you specifically choose for are dedicated tool.
  17. Not really, with the selection tool activated you can double click and edit text. After hitting escape you are now using the text tool although before you weren't, if you click somewhere now that creates another text box which wasn't the intention. It would be different if you activate the text tool, make a text box with some text, hit escape and then go on making other text boxes.
  18. When you edit text and press escape, you are still in text mode and you have to press x to go back to the selection tool. It would be easier if after escape you go back to the selection tool automatically.
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