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  1. Any idea why the window displays the black triangles? http://i.imgur.com/6hFBxUb.jpg
  2. Can someone explain this more thoroughly I don't get this to work.
  3. Doesn't seem to work. Just opens some kind of cut out tool.
  4. Is it possible to make a selection and move it relative to a certain point? In autocad you make a selection, typ move and then you can move/copy your selection relative to any point you click. Vectorworks just selects that point/line.
  5. Is it possible to draw with the line tool without having to specify the start point over and over again. I know that you can just keep clicking points with the polyline, but I would like to do something similar with the line tool.
  6. Think I'll stick with drawing in 2d, 3d walls still seem a pain.
  7. Guess the term is live sections,... But I've seen it has been requested for so long...
  8. How do I hide the blueish 'circle' that is show when i activate the rotate tool?
  9. That sucks... I'm looking really hard to justify using VWX over archicad since my dad uses VWX and having the ability of working on the same projects would be more convenient in our practice...
  10. VWX should have as well. So that you can change things easily in sections, plans,.... So importantif you are considering yourself a BIM program.
  11. Does the eyedropper works on doors and windows as well in 2015?
  12. Ok, finally I found a tutorial which uses more than just generic wall and slab with no components. Now it is clear how it works.
  13. Can the clip cube display the composition of the wall as well instead of just full sections (in red on you image)? And is their a way to automate update of viewports? Thx Mike for being very helpful!
  14. Wall/slab joins should be as easy as can be in a program that sells itself as being BIM... It's the basic of building.
  15. Is it? Because if it isn't that reduces the use of sections during modeling to 0
  16. How do you hide the 'up' shown on the stairs while keeping info about raisers on? Can you number the stairs?
  17. How do I copy settings from one window to another?
  18. How do I make a monorail sliding window where the entire window profile is a sliding window profile. With this type of sliding window the red lines should not be shown. In addition the sliding part of this kind of window is at the outer side of the window. http://imgur.com/vnIfmOj http://www.habitos.be/files/fotos/67/6767/foto_800.jpg https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=185934 How do you insert a fixed panel instead of a glass panel?
  19. How do you do the slabs manually? Just protrude them into the structural part of the wall?
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