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  1. Hi, pulling my hair out a little here (and I really need it) just upgraded to 2016. macOS X Yosemite ...with 2015 and all previous versions files/drawings opened per window (1 drawing per window). ...with 2016 all my files/drawings are now opening in 1 window and the only way I have found to switch between drawings that are open is to use the >top menu >window ...and select the file I wish to view/edit I have multiple displays and really need to view multiple drawings at the same time... I am really hoping I am missing a simple action to turn off this 1 window approach and be a able to see all the drawings I have opened. ie. as you can with multiple mac finder windows etc... Please advise, may thanks in advance.
  2. HELP... running VWX's 2011 and I'm trying to create a report to provide quantity information on symbols being used on a particular layer. Not a problem, the report works it all out beautifully... The problem is I really need the worksheet/report to denote the symbols used in alphabetical order. They appear to be completely random. (not even denoted in quantity order). For info I need the info to be denoted Alphabetically in order to check against a 3rd parties quantities. any ideas? many thanks!
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