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  1. Not sure if this is related to your multiple values error message. But... I was having the same exact issue over the weekend. It turns out that the data tab on several walls was set by instance, not by style. (Who knew one could do that...). Once I went and selected each wall individually, it fixed the problem. Replacing the wall style, for whatever did not reset this preference. If you have a lot of walls, setting up a data visualization can help. Good Luck!
  2. I add notes in the graphic legend. Like one would add viewport annotations. If you make a global change to the graphic image layout. Or even change the sort order of the cells like we were discussing. Then the annotations disappear when you recalculate. After losing my annotations many times, I now copy and paste from a separate seed file.
  3. The other thing that drives me crazy about graphic legends, is that when you make a global change to graphic legends, all your annotations disappear. Thankfully I have them all copied to a seed file.
  4. Thanks Pat. I had set the "Arrange Layout by Row" parameter by instance, and for whatever reason, it did not show up correctly. However when I set the "Arrange Layout By Row" parameter by the Style for the Legend, it somehow made everything show up correctly.
  5. Is there any way to adjust the graphic legend cell sort order so that it reads as I have marked up in red/yellow? If you make the legend one row, the cells sort left to right. If you make the legend two rows, the cells sort top to bottom; then left to right. To my eyes, that feels rather odd. Maybe there is a dialogue box somewhere.
  6. Thanks Pat! I was able to find a workaround. I appreciate your sleuthing! I wonder if VW is "modernizing" the wall tool and at some point it will have Plug-In Record data. A quick look reveals that slabs have record data. Roof / Roof Faces do not. In terms of its taxonomy, what exactly is a Vectorworks Primitive? (Some days, primitive is my preferred adjective for the wall tool. 😄)
  7. Thanks! I will have to look at your video again and see how you unindent. The graphic interface is a little counterintuitive. C
  8. Thank you for your patience, Pat. Your video is super helpful. I have two more questions. 1. Why would doors show up from layers that are not in the above set? Doors are coming into my worksheet from a layer that is is not specified... 2. Why would my worksheet include 1082 blank cells. By the logic above I would imagine that we would be reducing the number of objects in the selection set. Maybe this is just what I am used to, but the old way of making this felt a little more intuitive. It was also much simpler.
  9. That makes sense. Maybe where I am getting stuck is figuring out how to "un-indent" the criteria. I can't add the "And" that you mention above.
  10. I am trying to set up a graphic legend for my wall types. I understand that the default legend counts walls that have been assigned a wall style. I would like to set up a graphic legend that identifies walls with a certain mark. Or maybe even only walls that have a mark. Why do walls not show up in the "Field Value" list of options? My second question has to do with counting objects on layers. From the pulldown menus, the defining Criteria can only be "All" or "Any" ; "Is" or "Is Not" If I wanted to count something in two Layers, is there a way to say, only look for objects on this and that layer? One way to get around it is to exclude all the other layers, but that is cumbersome. I'm not super code-y. So maybe I am not thinking about things the right way.
  11. Does anybody have any updates about Smartpaste? I am working with a lot of old files today, and could really use a good class management tool.
  12. You can share a custom color palette with others. Once you get a palette looking the way you want... Manage Palettes and make a new one. Then save the xml file into the User Library Color Palettes. It's not super intuitive, but not that difficult, at least on a Mac. When I worked with others we all used the same colors.
  13. Since the Data Tag and the Space object are now often separated from each other (one is a model object, the other an annotation feature), it might be better to have a button that lets you navigate to the associated space object... Maybe right click and Select Item... Similar to the way doors are selected in worksheets.
  14. I've always been surprised that VW supports license transfer at all. And it looks like they still do, even as they have changed over to a subscription model? I can't imagine many other companies doing this. Having purchased a license from a third party, I know that VW Sales members helped support me in the license transfer process. The transfer fee is probably less than the cost of the staff time associated facilitating this process.
  15. I think VW needs to host a Webinar or develop a VW University course to help the community better understand how the Space Tool is now designed to work. The "improvements" that were implemented broke a lot of previous workflows.
  16. Working with the VW2023 space tool is an absolute nightmare! I imported a very old project from a very old version of VW into 2023. There were about 100 rooms so I didn't want to make new spaces. So... this afternoon, I spent a few hours trying to convert the old space objects into the new format. But I am struggling to figure out what is happening with these converted spaces. I deleted the associated data tags in the Space Labels Dialogue Box. I changed the custom name and room number. But the old space label elements are showing up in some label format that I can't delete or turn off. Can anybody help me figure out what is going on? I want to delete the blue text and use space label data tags. File attached. Thanks! C Space Label Question.vwx
  17. Actually, this online converter works pretty well. https://online.reaconverter.com/
  18. This would be a nice feature to have in all VW Versions. Matterport creates rather nice SVG files, which I would like to use for drawings. C.
  19. Is there a way to reset the issue number in the Title Block Manager? My first release starts with the number 5, and I would like to reset the number to 1.
  20. Thank you. I am on VW 2023 sp2. At least I am not crazy.
  21. I feel like I am missing to check or uncheck a dialogue box. Is there any way to eliminate these lines between layers in hidden line renderings. The walls are copied / pasted in place from from one layer to another. Or has this issue never been addressed? Untitled 2.vwx Untitled 2.vwx
  22. You can adjust the ambient lighting options.
  23. Thanks Fabrica. So at least I don't have to search around the file for corrupted objects or something. Seems to have fixed for now.
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