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  1. couldn't you create the shape as 3d polys then chose them all and create a mesh then use the shell tool?
  2. 11:44 - 2021 MBPro M1 Max 64GB ram-OS 12.6.3 VW 2023 SP3
  3. let me know. I still feel like SP2 is buggy. There is a known issue with the program crashing when I publish a certain file.
  4. I was having this issue too and I was using 2023 SP2. I called tech support. They had me quit the program, open the updater (which needed to be updated), go to advanced options and click repair. This found 57 bad files and fixed them. The window cutting problem hasn't returned.
  5. I always wondered if a multi core machine could be developed that had instead of additional "efficiency cores" it had an overclocked or hi speed core.
  6. When I create an orbit path animation, after a few frames in the preview window the image appears to have a great film over the window. When the animation is complete the grey film as and undesirable part of the animation. I don't know what's causing it. HJC movie.mov
  7. Im running VW2022 on a 2017 4.2 iMac running Monterey. No issues at all. Quite snappy actually.
  8. this issue has annoyed me for years
  9. Small New York high-end residential firm seeks strong candidate for a position. Applicant must have strong design and computer skills (Vectorworks Twinmotion). This a mostly in person position but there will be partial remote work as well. This is a great opportunity for growth and design. If you are interested, send resume to andrew@cityarchitect.com in the subject write “Position-<your name>”
  10. For some reason the VW 2022 Updater keeps disappearing from my VW folder. Without that app, VW thinks I'm up to date when I'm not. So far the only way I've found to get it back is to download the whole program to the desktop, take out the updater and trash the rest of the file. There has to be a better way and why does this keep happening?
  11. I haven't had any real problematic issues using 2022 on Big Sur. I'm not planning to upgrade the MacOS because of a number of software incompatibilities. I do use terrain modeling. I try not to be bleeding edge anymore.
  12. Import pdf's into VW and snap to geometry. works very well.
  13. Actually "update all viewports" works fine on my intel Macs on VW2021 and 2022. This problem seems to be Monterey and apple silicon.
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