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  1. I absolutely had tried that a few times before but the problem does seem to have fixed itself this time? Which...great, but also, weird.
  2. So I look at my LX Plan sheet layer last night and all my lamps are gone... Lamps still exist and behave normally when working in design layers, but upon playing around I realize their visibility in my sheet layer is controlled by a different class. The lamps themselves are in various classes, but all in the same design layer. I have confirmed they are still in the correct classes, which are turned on in the sheet layer. The symbols and their components themselves (including symbols within instrument symbols like S4 body) are either 'none' or 'lighting-incandescent', 'lighting-led' etc, which I have confirmed are all turned on in the sheet layer. Eventually I realize that the visibility in the sheet layer of all my missing lamps is controlled by 'POS-us truss' which is a class I made recently. Nothing in the object info indicates that any lamps are in this class. I turn the class on, save, then restart. Joy of joy, the lamps are gone again. I eventually figure out their visibility is now controlled by a completely different class, also created recently. Restarted my computer and problem persists. Creating an entirely new viewport seemed fine, but there are legends and notations in my old sheet layer I don't want to have to redo, especially if this could just happen again. When mentioned the problem to someone this morning, he mentioned having the same issue but not necessarily in sheet layers. He said he turned it on one day and the problem went away, but that just leaves me with hoping this problem is magically fixed - somehow, someday. For what it's worth the other guy is a Mac user and I am on Windows 10. Anyone else have this/know the cause or solution?
  3. I am working on a plot with something of an unconventional grid shape, and having the labels of the positions show up looks sort of busy. I would like to keep the name of the position so that the data shows up in LW, but I would not like to SEE the label. Is there a way to do this? Thanks. Vectorworks 2012 Educational Mac OSX v 10.6.8
  4. Okay, but it's not doing that. I am using the accessory insertion tool, and they ARE static accessories, and the label legend is still appearing until I take it off. Do you have any idea about the autonumbering? I think it would be useful to allow the user to change these defaults, ie set a default for lights, one for accessories. Even if I wanted a legend for, let's say, an I-Cue, that had the address and the channel if necessary, I can't imagine when I'd want the legend to be the same.
  5. Sorry, forgot to mention, I am using 2012; educational version, if that matters. Thanks, I can just take the legend off, but it doesn't do it by default so it doesn't save me a lot of time. Creating the 'no legend' meant I could use that as the default when inserting accessories. The autonumbering thing is actually the more annoying/time consuming of the two issues. I do create/edit my accessories a lot, for instance making them all static accessories or using custom symbols. Could this have something to do with it?
  6. I've been having an issue with label legends and accessories (FYI I change all of my accessories to static accessories), in that it applies my default legend to accessories. The only way I found to fix this was to create a "No Legend" legend and manually apply it to all accessories/change the default when inserting them. Is there a way to toggle whether legends appear on accessories, or make a separate legend apply automatically to accessories without needing to do this manually? I don't need a channel bubble for my iris... Another somewhat related issue, when using auto numbering, the accessories are screwing up my counts. Example: Instrument 1 = Unit#1 Instrument 2 = Unit #2 Iris on instrument 2 = Unit #2 Instrument 3 = Unit #4 Thanks, Alia
  7. Thanks, Kevin. I wish there was an easier way to do that but I guess that's what what I'll do in the future.
  8. Using Vectorworks 2012 (SP2) educational version on a Mac using OSX 10.6.8 I use Set origin (doing a theatre lighting plot, so this is a very useful and important function), but after a while I notice that my centre line, rather than being at X value 0 where I set it, is at around 300-something feet. I can't figure out what I'm doing...I figure I must be accidentally dragging the origin. I selected 'disable dragging for the set origin button' but the origin still keeps moving. Can anyone tell me what exactly is happening here? Is there a way to set my origin and then disable this function completely? Thanks.
  9. Although that's news to me about it contaminating other files. So his other files will contain a watermark, even if they are never opened with an educational version?
  10. I guess I missed that section when I read it. Yeah...he is aware of the watermark, though, and he genuinely doesn't care. It's a co-production with the school so that sort of thing is just kind of accepted. What I'd still like to know is, is that the reason I can't export to 2008? I guess it sounds as if that's the case, but that's pretty unfortunate...I can think of quite a few genuinely educational purposes for which I'd need to export. All of the school's computers also use 2008. Is there a way to run both 2010 (which is still installed on my computer but I can't open it since the license expired) and 2012? Instead of Vectorworks installed on a second computer, for instance?
  11. I've read it and it doesn't say anything like that. And not that it makes a difference to the software, but it's through school, and I'm getting credit and not getting paid, so I would say that probably counts as educational...
  12. I just downloaded 2012 and I've read that it should export as far back as 12, but my copy only reads that it can export to 2011 or 2010. I'm assisting a designer who uses 2008 so I need to be able to export as far back as that. Previously I had left 2010 on my computer to do this but since I renewed my license the other day I can't open 2010. Is there something wrong or is there another way to do this? I'm using the educational version of 2012 (2012 SP2 Build 151150) on an Intel Mac running OSX 10.6.8.
  13. I'm using a student version of 2010 on Mac OSX 10.6.3 I'm having a couple of problems... I added a new field to the label legend and tried to place it in front of a light next to another field, but the layout was kind of tricky and they overlapped. Now it's stuck like that, and no matter where I move the new field (user field for frost) it stays in the same place on some of the lights. I can remove it and the layout returns to normal, but as soon as I put it back, even way out to the side, it's goes to the position I originally put it. The second problem I'm having... I tried to remake the label legend completely, but the instrument shown in the layout editor is an iris. Apparently the instrument shown in the editor is supposed to be the active instrument in when I created the legend? The active instrument was a source four which does not have an iris...how can I fix this? This happened once before on another file and I never managed to fix it. Thanks!
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